Mobile spray tanning business names??? I need ideas.. Help :irked:

Discussion in 'Skin' started by chloe.hj, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. chloe.hj
    So I've devised a huge mindmap on ideas for names and have nothing! I really want something classy and elegant soo tan in a van is a no no!

    I'd be so very grateful for your thoughts :) x
  2. jo henderson
    Hiya, im in the same boat as you and cannot think of anything i like enough.. Im doing manual and spray tans and have given myself bain ache with thinking!
  3. jo henderson
    oopsey, that was meant to brain ache! not sure what bain ache is!!:)
  4. wendy malley
    Oh I dont know, tan in a van would get people talking lol x
  5. chloe.hj
    Haha a symptom of brain ache is clearly bain ache i think you'll find :)

    It certainly would however i'm not feeling it somehow lol.

    I was thinking maybe something with my name in, anything subtle and classy that doesnt scream 'i am going to spray you orange and make you pay for it'

    You'd think this would be the easy part! haha
  6. jo henderson
    You have the advantage of Chloe being a sweet name, ive been landed with Jo!! What am i gonna do with that?! :cry:
    Are you mobile or home based Chloe? What product have you chosen to use?
  7. chloe.hj
    Yes but i think Jo is quite a quirky name, straight to the point! :)

    Well when i've done the course i shall be mobile to begin.
    I'm going to do the sienna X course so i think i'll start with there products and experiment with others. I really like vita liberata fake tan for myself and i've found tonight they do a tanning solution so i expect i'll give that a go.

    What about yourself? What course are you doing/ have you done? And which products? :)
  8. jo henderson
    Hi Chloe,
    Im doing the Sienna course on monday actually, ill let you know how it goes shall i? Ive trained in manual taning and doing my final assessment next Thursday . Trained with St Tropez and tho i know how commercial it is i soooo love the colour and the body polish so i may use that or White to Brown which is lovely too. I do love the manual as i like the quiet relaxing hands on approach but i know spray is far more popular so...
    What area you in?
    Stay in touch and let me know how youre getting on xx
  9. chloe.hj
    Yea that would be great if you could. I just spoke to them this evening and think im going to book with them for a course in April so i can get the money together to buy the kit from them aswell. Are you buying one of there kits or are you buying seperately? I don't know if i could find a kit cheaper elsewhere, there starter kit with the better spray tanning machine was 600 including training.
    I'm going to start with the spray tanning and gradually build up my skills, i would like to do eyelash extensions and cosmetic makeup aswell as the tanning. I didn't know st tropez did a training course, whereabouts did you do that? x
  10. jo henderson
    Im buying the larger kit £899 plus vat, tho only doing that as borrowing from my mum! Purely because i checked it all out and it seems far more cost effective (i hope!) a Sienna rep over tomorrow, really lovely lady, shes giving me a demo and showing me all the bits before i pay for the course on Friday.. Ill let you know how it goes for sure..
    Where are you Chloe? Im in Portsmouth.. Are you looking to do this full or part time? Im only part time now until my youngest goes to school in September and until i get a car which is huge problem in itself! Mine died in January so now ive gotta use my husbands in the evenings when hes home, and weekends!.:cry:
    I didnt do St Tropez training , i used their products to train in Manual, tho they do training but its very costly .
    I received White and Brown sample today and just tried it out. Its so so gorgeous . Think this will be my manual product ill use
    My email is if you want to drop me a line there instead..
    any more name ideas? im stumped!! x
  11. Jac4Harry
    what about something with Goddess in the title, like Golden Goddess or something?

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