More salon names, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nothingbutnails, Feb 28, 2003.

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  1. nothingbutnails
    Hi there, I would love to hear your name for a nail & beauty salon. My favourites I think are Nirvana Nails & Beauty, Totally Polished and Polish and Pamper, what do you think.
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  2. Glorsclaws
    Hi, I still love Nirvana Nails And Beauty, .........but come on Mrs Geek - dont tease us - whats up your sleeve ;)
  3. kitty

    Gotta say, I loved 'Totally Polished'. :thumbsup: I see you're from Epsom & that kind of name might not be completely suitable considering the people that will make up your main client base! :queen: :king:
    Nothing but Nails and Beauty is catchy, but how about 'Totally Nails and Beauty'?

    I offer treatments as 'The Nail Spa' & I refer to myself as a Nail Therapist rather than a 'tech'. It just works for me. Also, as I'm new to nails by offering Spa treatments, which are naturally longer it hides the fact that I'm not very fast with my treatments yet!

    Kitty :meow:
  4. Mrs Geek
    MINDS Gloria - great minds..... ;)
  5. Glorsclaws
    WOW! Mrs Geek - I have to agree with you because I had a similar thought, - mine was Buffers 8)
  6. Mrs Geek
    I am a NAILS person so this is a name for a NAIL salon although I'm sure beauty could be incorporated!!!

    Here we go...


    This is short - to the point - donates nude nails, natural nails as well as 'buffing' to a shine.... anyway if I had a salon this is what I'd call it!!! Hope you like ;)
  7. Mrs Geek
    awsome name for a salon - simple, cute, catchy... trendy... up-market - who wants to hear it :?: :?:
  8. nothingbutnails
    Hi there. Just a few more names, what do you think.

    Perfect 10 Nails & Beauty
    Nothing But Nails & Beauty
    Totally Tips, Toes & Beauty.

    What is your favourite one out of these.

    It is so hard to find a name that sounds classy and catchy and is original.
  9. LayStar
    Perfect 10 is already the name of a nail company !!

    I think they are a part of Elegant Touch (for people who dont know, they sell nail stuff (like varnish remover, files, hand creams, fake tips, cheap nail treatments etc) in supermarkets and chemists, and general department stores)

    Jus incase you didnt know ? :?

  10. groovynails
    nothing but nails and beauty :D gets my vote.
  11. crazy'n'creative

    i still like the totally polished name

  12. Nailsinlondon1
    Hi Sam,I thought since you would be doing nails and beauty why not call it
    Beauty Essence.
    Just a thought.
    love ruth
  13. kitty

    Love it!!!! :) :)

    Maybe the staff could work in the 'Buff'? :oops: :oops:

    Gosh!! That would certainly have them queueing at the doors........... or maybe not. :rofl:

    Kitty :meow:
  14. NeetNailz
    Waht a great name - wish I had thought of it! :pig:
  15. crazy'n'creative
    Great name mrs geek

    and a great idea kitty lol

  16. nothingbutnails
    What do you all think of Enhance (Nails & Beauty)
  17. nothingbutnails
    Style Secret (Nails & Beauty)
    Enhance (Nails & Beauty)
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