My first male client for acrylic nails!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by paula1973, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. paula1973
    Hi all again,
    After all my moaning about my not so nice clients i almost forgot, i had my first male client today for acrylic nails!
    He was a severe nail biter and a female friend of his booked him in, He was a sweetie, a buisness man, who was ashamed of his nail biting habit, I sculpted a great set of "normal" looking nails, I left the camera at work but will add my before and after pics tomorrow,
    Any one else done a man??
    Love Paula x
  2. Lellipop
    Oh its nice to see men taking an intrest in there nails. I do male manicures but have yet to do enhancements on them.
    Paula your post above, Saying have you ever done a man :rolleyes: Had me in stitchs.
  3. paula1973
    Thats just yr filthy mind lesley
  4. debbienailz
    hi paula
    i do men regurlarly:rolleyes: ...their nails that is ..i have seventeen regular men clients ...they come to me about once a month ...i have a nails for males day....most are manicures ...some pedicures and four of them get of them only has extensions on one hand:| ...apparently it helps him play the guitar (they don't all come on the same day !!)

    in my experience men are much bigger tippers than women time i got £50 and a bunch of flowers off one of them thats what you call appreciation :lol:
    take care
  5. Deb379
    That's interesting, although I had read an article in one of the nail mags that a guitarist did his own!

    When you do the extensions what tip and overlay do you use, or would you sculpt most of the time as I would assume most men have quite wide nails?

  6. emmalouisa
    hi ya
    are you mobile or salon based?? as my other half thinks its abit unsafe going round mens houses if your mobile?
  7. Lena
    I have a client (he is gay) who asked me to do nail extensions for him (quite long). He's very nice guy and somehow long nails suit his unusual image.....
  8. sortedcres
    I am mobile

    I have just done my first rebal on a male client's natural set of nails,

    I find it quite odd though, as i still can't get used to seeing men with longer nails than my self!!

    But he does look after them beautifully though.

  9. janeburrows
    is there something that can be applied on top of gel to make them a matt finish - this would look more natural than shiny?
  10. angel fingers
    i used to do a fella, he was a fashion design student. he wore make up too, he was quite a flambouyant character, i liked him a lot. and of course my hubby has had several sets when i was practicing as a beginer. :)
  11. talented talons
    I have to say i have only done a male manicure and not enhancements. My hubby regularley has his nails manicured, especially when he has been working on his car alot. He does love to have good looking hands and nails.

    He is a darling as he has agreed to let me practise sculpts on him. Mind you he says he doesn't mind as long as they come off again virtually straight away.:)
  12. Katmoz33
    i never even thought about putting extensions on a man! wow where are the pics???????????
  13. Kellyc
    Would definately like to see the pics, i too only do my boyfriends manicure, hes now requesting a pedicure!!! wot next x
  14. debbienailz
    hi deb
    i do sculpt using acrylic (retention+) but i have also applied tips nails actually sell extra large tips .my guitarist actually prefers tips ...he says he feels like they will withstand more ...i know this isn't true but a customer is always right least i let them think they are:rolleyes: .
    i am salon based (since last september ) but before that i was mobile that time my husband would insist that any male clients came to me ...truthfully though i have never had a problem and not one of them have ever made me feel uncomfortable.:) most of my male clients just have them finished with my girlfriend buffer ...not too shiny though ...others have just a base coat as this does not shine too much ...still others (mostly gay )have nail art and polish.:cool: my most flambouyant customer is a male he actually compers(spelling !!!sorry[​IMG]) at a gay club ...i love it when his appointment comes around and always allow an extra 30 minutes as he loves to have a good natter .he always gives me free reign with his nails ...airbrushing is his favourite (which i don't get to do as often as i would like ) the brighter the better as far as he is concerned .
    take care
  15. Nailsinlondon1
    Just finish the enhancement with a buffer.................and some solar oil....... just not glass buff them.............
  16. Deb379
    Hi Debbie

    Thanks for your information, wanted to know in case I ever get any male clients. It was also useful to know that Star Nails do extra large tips, I can get those locally.

  17. paula1973
    At last i've sorted the pics out,hope he doesn't try to chew em off!!
    Love Paula xx

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  18. Jo Jo

    Blimey Paula you are one majorly talented lady! All your pics are awesome and I always think 'wow' when I see them! They look so natural! J xx
  19. geeg
    Great job! Now he looks like a gentleman ... I hope he doesn't dare to bite them.
  20. Up To Scratch
    Well done chick!

    I'd LOVE to do a full set of extensions on a man... they've normally got such fab nails to start with & none of the hormone-related nail problems we get :lol:

    Only got male manicure clients at the moment tho :cry: - one of whom offered me £50 for a topless manicure :shock: !!! Was quite insulted by him only offering me fifty quid... mayb if he'd said £100... :lol:

    Boyfriend (6ft tall Drum n Bass DJ, Sound Engineer & Truck Driver!!) has manicure and pedicure - and loves it. Had to fibreglass one of his toenails the other day too - he's bashed it & it'd split quite low, bless him! :D

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