My new website ..critiques please eek!!

Discussion in 'Business' started by missweasel, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. missweasel
    Hi guys eeeh Ive just finished my website .... Logo design by Carl @ verve designs (thanks)...took me bloody ages just used a free one from weebly after trying loads of other free websites but found them quite good, it'll do for now until I can pay for a professional one...what do you think?
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  2. skymark
    Hi There

    Im not a computer geek by any means but theres a couple of things that I would have personally done a tad differently.

    Firstly, in your menu you have ''Lash perfect'' and ''sienna x'' as two menu options. I would personally change these to ''lashes'' and ''tanning'' as the people visiting your website may not necessarily know that sienna x is a brand of tanning etc.

    Also on the home page you talk about bringing customers the latest 'beauty treatments' I would reword a bit to make it clear that you are a lashes and tanning specialist.

    Lastly I noticed on your pricing page a couple of the treatments have pictures attached to them and some dont, which means the paragraphs are a little out of line. I would add a pic for every treatment (thats the same size) or not on any of them, as then the paragraphs will line up a little easier.

    I apologise if it seems nit picky but i'd rather that Geeks gave you advice that you can use.

    Congrats on getting it set up tho, it can be very time consuming putting all the wording together and you have done a good job.
  3. missweasel
    hey no thats good advice thanks I will change it, Im hoping to add more treatments as I go (im qualified but just need to buy some new kit) thanks for taking the time tho
    L x
  4. TheBack&Beyond
    I think it's blooming marvellous for your first website - give yourself a hug! :)

    Alert - computer geek here - 3 things I'd look at;

    - resize the images before you upload and scale them - they are bigger than you need them to be and load really slowly.

    - on the contact page - the fields 'fall off' the right hand side of the page

    - the 'phone number' field appears to be in american format and people in the uk may be confused in filling it in. Suggest either a single field with no validation, or finding the UK validation option.

    Big congrats tho. It'll certainly get you going! Why not search this site for Ruth Mills excellent advice on search engine optimisation - she's a star!

    hth? Jason.
  5. lucelasticx
    I agree a brilliant first attampt !
    My only bug bear ( and it's probably only me) is tha last image on your home page with the lips, nails and mobile phone, it screams stock photo but all your others are fab.

    Well done you:lol:
  6. Verve Designs
    Well done! :)

    That'll put you on till you can get a pro one!

    (I've just sent along a sharper logo to use- that one is pixellated ever so slightly)
  7. Verve Designs
    ...........actually, had another click around your site.

    Where did you get the photo's from? I recognise a few as Istock type photo's, did you pay for them?

    I'm not that sure about these free sites, but did they give you pics to choose from?

    If you didn't pay for those pics, I suggest you whip em off sharpish- I know they're very keen on sending threatening letters out at the moment and will sue (theres people on this very site who have been). They have very sophisticated software "bots" that'll scour the web looking for collections of pixels like a fingerprint- so theres no hiding!

    Apologies if you've paid for them, instead of just getting them off Google Images, but you have to very VERY careful with the use of images at the moment.
  8. Bezza
    I too think it's a great website, even tempted to get my lashes done and encouraged to keep up with the FT'ing!!

    The only two things i'd say that are me being fussy:
    1. The size/style/colour font on the different pages are all too different from each other - a constant theme looks better (IMHO!)
    2. The photo of the phone thing does look a bit questionable (maybe a bit, dare I say!, tacky) whereas the others are all great looking.

    Hope that's not being mean, I'm not brave enough to let you lot see my website!!
  9. rachirv
    wow - your buisness name is brill and your logo is amazing! its so fab! well done carl! xx
  10. Ruth Mills
    Yes, companies like Getty and Corbis use a company called PicScout to scour the web looking for images... PicScout, Getty Images and Goodbye iStockPhoto..!

    And while it's possible to configure one's server firewall to block known IP addresses used by PicScout (if PicScout can't access your server, then they can't check your images), I doubt if Weebly's server will be configured to do so.
    It looks really good well done you! :)

    Just a few things....
    How many of you working as mobile therapists in your company?
    As your "home" page reads that there is more than one, but your about/ contact reads that it is just one (you) - a bit misleading to clients:confused:
    If it is just you, stick to "me & I"

    Probably just a presonal preferance, but I think it looks better with the prices next to the treatments on their pages rather than a separate page with prices on.

    I think it would look better if you combined the "home" & "about" information together & put it all on the first page.
    Making the order of pages;
    Home or Welcome
    Lash Extensions - (including prices)
    Spray Tan - (including prices)
    Contact Me

    Hope that helps x:hug:x
  12. missweasel
    Thanks for all ur comments guys I will take them on board. They are all stock photos (istock) or pictures i have permission to use, I read up on the forum about people getting caught out using pics off the web so I made sure. I need to buy somemore but can't afford it just yet. There is just me, I don't know why I use 'our' on the homepage, my friend did it for her business when there was only one of her i just thought that's what people did cos it sounded more professional!?! Haha seems a bit daft now u mention it. Yeah the contact form falls off the edge that's so annoying I don't know how to change it and other little tweaks but I'll get there. Hopefully will bring in some business and I'll be to afford a proper one from Ruth!

    Cheers L x
  13. sukic
    Well done you. Really good site. I agree with the comments aleady made. One thing I would say is try to make the font and font size consistent just for aesthetics sake.

    I also use 'we' and 'our' as it makes you sound like a larger company and therefore a bit more reputable. (I do also draft in therapist if I need them for a bigger pamper party etc). You've done really well, you should be proud of yourself. :green:

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