Nail damage and Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Lynn Elderkin, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Lynn Elderkin
    :?: Hi there shellac users - has anyone noticed that nails are a bit weak and very fragile after shellac. I have clients coming in now for their third application and the nails are a bit dodgy... is anyone else seeing this or is it something I am doing wrong?? All comments greatfully received

  2. Murnettie

    I cant say that i have noticed this at all, if anything my clients natural nails have been longer and stronger as the shellac has actually protected them. My own nails are extremely weak and i cannot believe how much they have grown and how strong they have seem to have gotten. Your not buffing the nails or anything are you? Maybe the clients are just being to hard on thier nails and using gloves etc? hard to say really.
  3. The Geek
    Staff Member
    Not sure how (unless you're filing the nail)?

    Make sure client is still using SolarOil though, solvents from removal will temporarily strip oil and moisture from the plate.

  4. geeg
    My experience exactly with my own nails and Shellac. They are longer and seem if anything stronger than ever before.

    Products do not weaken nails but filing the surface of the nail does. There should be no surface filing of the nail before applying Shellac and no filing of the nail surface to remove Shellac.
  5. deanosnana
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    No, no damage to the natural nail at all! As above, my nails, as well as my clients' nails are doing GREAT with Shellac. Folks who never could grow nails now have 'em and are so HAPPPY with Shellac. :)
  6. Lynn Elderkin
    thanks folks I am not filing the nail at all...I am an anti buffer!!! Will carry on and keep an eye on things.

  7. nailartist
    She's not peeling it off, is she? Because that will take some nail plate layers with it. Not that I'VE ever done that, oh no no no. (ahem.). :)
  8. An*Gel
    I haven't had any problems either.... my natural nails are usually very weak and I've been wearing Shellac for a good few months now and they have improved 100%... they are much stronger than ever before, which has shocked me to be honest, as I didn't think that was possible!! :D

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