Nail polish is Porous???

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Perfected, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. Perfected
    Sorry if I sound stupid...I've been reading a lot on here and have come across the info that says nail polish is porous. I've also read that because it's porous you can apply cuticle oil and it will dry the polish faster...How does that scientifically work? I've always wondered how the quick dry drops worked...

    That being said, how does it not contribute to polish chipping faster from the oil?

    So in the winter time, how fast can polish dry if oil is applied...especially thicker oil (like SpaRitual's oil...)

    ETA: Also, is soak off gel porous? If so, will oil soak through nail polish and gel as well??
    Sorry for so many questions, but TIA! :)
  2. geeg
    Yep .. nail polish is porous.

    Basically Oxygen inhibits polish from drying in the same way that Oxygen inhibits the top layer of gel from curing. Protect the surface of the polish from Oxygen and the polish drys faster.

    There are certain chemicals that also help polish to dry more quickly by speeding up the release of solvents in the polish.

    The thinner the layers of polish you apply the quicker it will dry .. thicker layers of polish actually trap the solvents in the lower layers, and contribute to chipping as having solvents trapped in the lower layers of the polish loosens the bonding of the polish to the surface of the nail.

    Regular use of Solar Oil will penetrate the 'pores' of the polish and keep it
    flexible in the same way it penetrates the pores in enhancement products and keeps the enhancements flexible.

    Using oil does not reduce adhesion of either polish or L&P it actually helps because it keeps the products flexible and less likely to break or chip.

    Soak off gels are porous which is why you can soak them off quickly.
    Buff off gels are also porous but the pores are much much smaller and more difficult to penetrate with solvents or oil which is why it would take hours of time to soak them off. HTH
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  3. Perfected
    Wow! Thanks for the info! It's amazing what they leave out in school. lol So this would make one think that since soak off gels are porous you could still use natural nail growth stimulators and it would possibly work. I don't know if and how the garlic extract could work, but it's nice to know there is a possibility. Now it makes sense why they say to use those products even over nail laquer! :)

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