Nail polish won't come off!!

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Jen889, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Jen889
    Hi everyone,

    Just received a message from a client, i did her pedicure a couple of months ago and she told me that she tried getting the nail polish of her toes today but it won't budge! i used regular polish so i don't get why it won't budge. i told her a little trick i use sometimes when the polish has been on for a while and if it doesn't come off at home to come in to the salon and i'll remove it. i didn't mention anything about price but i am wondering it i should be charging if she comes in?? it would just be to remove the polish
  2. Envy
    All I can think is she is using a very low quality polish remover, most likely acetone free

    If you are using a high quality polish brand, then a cheaper remover could have a hard time breaking through the gloss - goes to show you get good service with good product ;)

    I personally wouldn't charge her, many would ... I would use it as an opportunity to talk about how professional service and products work and last better than consumer goods

    Business tip: this is a great chance to retail some good quality polish remover..
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  3. Debs001
    I had this with orly silver glitter polish, I advised my client to lightly file the top layer then try again with remover.

    If you remove (it is still a service so yes charge), but do it as a package (so remove and mini or full manicure to tidy up nails or full manicure and reapplication), charge accordingly, hth
  4. Frenchyfile
    Personally I wouldn't charge her, use it as a opportunity to rebook for another service.
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  5. purplespark
    Charging would most likely agitate the client as she probably sees this as an inconvenience.
  6. Planky1
    I'm in total agreement with Envy. It is most likely she is using an acetone free remover, I had this with mine the other day, wanted to take my polish off before getting in the bath and only had an acetone free remover in the bathroom cabinet so just decided that would do. About half an hour and half a bottle later it finally came off.

    I also agree that you shouldn't charge and yes, is an ideal opportunity to boast about how great professional polishes are that they last like this etc etc.

    Another tip to show her if you haven't already, is to hold the pad with remover on the nail for a few seconds before wiping so that it starts to penetrate through and "dissolve" the polish as such, it comes off much quicker this way.
  7. Pooh8bear
    Maybe it is old polish remover that has already been used.

    I have seen pots with sponges in that have remover in them too & you put your fingers into the sponge to remove. They don't always think about replacing the remover with fresh.

    One of my clients was telling me how long it takes to remove the gel from her toes & when she explained what she was doing she was reusing the same remover each time & putting it back in the bottle.....
  8. Jen889
    thanks for the reply's everyone! she came in today as she couldn't get it off by herself. i didn't charge her, it took me 5min with acetone to remove and she booked a pedicure at the same time :) :) so i'm happy
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