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Discussion in 'Nail' started by flynnser19, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. flynnser19
    hi, does anyone know if there are any refresher courses i could do in edinburgh or anywhere near by even newcastle at the furthest. i completed my one year nail tech course back in june but i dont think i should have passed personally and i havent been practising as i dont think im very good and im embarassed at my work. I think i need an intense course in acrylic as its my favourite of them all just so i can be better.

  2. Sparklepink
    did you do your training at college?
    were you trained in different systems?
    do you know the brand of product you have used? (i looked on your profile and it didnt say anything)

    it maybe that you would need a workshop style class taylored to your needs
    most companies and brands like EzFlow (who I educate for) will offer something like this I'm sure

    When you first start out nails isnt easy, even if your tutor/educator makes it look like it is, there are lots of factors which need to be practised and learned (the right way) how to get to grips with all the techniques needed to do nails, it is a lot to take in and you shouldnt worry if your nails are not perfect to start with (you will keep learning and growing the more training and practicing you do) Almost everyone will be with me on as we all started somewhere

    I think its good that you are thinking of trying to improve your self, maybe speak to your tutor/ educator if you can too as im sure that will be able to give you some additional advice too

    Jess x
  3. *Ang*
    Hi, I was exactly like you. I passed my manicure/pedicure and nail enhancement course at college yet felt as though I hadn't learned a thing. I started from scratch (excuse the pun!) and book on a foundation course with CND (creative nail design) Absolutely, 1000% the best choice I have EVER made when it comes to education. Take a look at the s2 website - or even the Fingertips centre who are close to you. Good luck with your choice of educator, and welcome to the world of nails :hug:

    The Fingertips Centre - Signature 5 Day Foundation
  4. flynnser19
    hi guys
    i was NSI trained and CIBTAC trained so i have both qualifications and it was in manicure,pedicure,acrylic,gel, fibreglass and nail art. it was a one year course and it was a good course its probably more my fault that i didnt put my all into it. i did it in ireland where im from but im now living in edinburgh studying to do my hnd beauty therapy but i wanna be able to use my nail skills when applying for jobs. I dont wanna hand them my certificates and be like "oh but im ont good at extensions" you know haha

    but i really liked doing the acrylics more than the gel as i felt the gel was a bit fiddly and jsut didnt have the patience for it so maybe if i did an acrylic course from scratch at night ro something??i dunno what to do because i dont have alot of people to practice on or im too nervous to practice on them!!
    i dunno i sound like such a scaredy cat!!people have been happy with their nails when i do them but i think that is just my friends being nice lol
  5. geeg
    Call CND at the Fingertips Centre
    01313333180 speak to Heather.
    They are amazing people with an amazing product and an amazing teacher called Fiona. She'll get you sorted in no time at all. Very easy to find and very close to Edinburgh.
  6. flynnser19
    thanks so much youre a star!!!xx

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