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Discussion in 'Nail' started by julie.adamson, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. julie.adamson
    Hi to all you geeks I would love your advice on how to get into lecturing in fe as a nail tech. After working part time as a mobile nail technician for 5 years I am now interested in becoming a teacher for beginners courses.

    Research suggests that you need a Cert Ed, possibly assessor quals, an NVQ in nail services and salon experience.

    To give all you geeks some info to help I am currently working in a college as a lecturer/assessor in Early years part time and have my Cert Ed, assessor and verifier awards no salon experience as I have always worked mobile since training and as nails have now become such a passion in my life this is a way I would like to move my nail career forward. I know there are very similar posts on here about becoming lecturers although non have my quals or current job role.

    Geeks please help as internet and nail companys are so different am lost, do I need to do an nvq in nail services? Do I need salon experience? :irked:

    Any advice and direction would be greatly received

  2. chantell simone
    when i learnt nails at a fe college my tutor had no salon experience but had been a home based tech for over 10 years

    she was a fantastic teacher
  3. Cathie!
    Why not ask the nail/beauty department at your college what they would need you to already have the teaching qualifications but I would imagine that you would need a VTCT or NVQ in nail technology to teach the same qualifications at FE.

    It's usually your question reversed we see here.

    Good luck :hug:
  4. kelly!!
    after 2 years of being in industry i went to inquire about doing my cert ed to become a beauty teacher. you def have to have a level 3 plus in what you want to teach

    i went to see the head of department and he said that i would strugle to find any college that would give me the teaching hours that you need alongside your studying as i have not had 5 years plus in the industry.

    so i contacted other (6 in fact) local colleges and they said the same 5 years plus.

    you can do your cerd ed no probs but its finding a college that will give you the teaching hours to go alongside the cert ed course and you cant have one with out the other.

    that was my area not sure if others are diffrent but thats what i was up against if that all makes sence.

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