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Discussion in 'Business' started by kirk25, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. kirk25

    Thought this may be of interest if anyone looking for accredited training schools in UK

    The person that runs the group has checked credentials of training providers before allowing them to advertise their courses

    So if you run a training school or are looking for accredited training its worth a look x
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  2. catface
    That's a great idea! Thanks for posting this
    thanks for the info will take a look
  4. Kim Lawless
    I'd love to join but it won't let me as I'm a page and not a personal account. That might be a problem for training providers:(
  5. tjmadmum
    Kim, I'll inbox admin and see what she says ;-)

    Sarah xx
  6. tjmadmum
    Just checked and yes it has to be a personal page. I think a lot of people are applying through their personal page, then admin sorts it so that the business page is put up on the group. Worth doing though as its only been up and running for 2 days and already has over 400 in the group. Lots of interest xx
  7. Kim Lawless
    Thanks very much. It's just that I don't really use my personal page and only have it as it's required to have a page. x
  8. kirk25
    Business pages can't join any groups on fb but if you pm Jane Bryan from your personal account she adds you. She has already advertised my courses for me hth :) x
  9. lynn amber
    I added and then left this group as it seems I am not welcome because I do hair and beauty, but its ok for beauty to do hair extensions it seems :'(

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