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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lyd91, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. babychops
    Thanks for all the advice everyone. I'm gonna leave it for a while and see what happens. It's stressing me out tbh X
  2. babychops
    Little update. I'm definitely not pregnant this time, but that's ok. I just won't use clearblue tests again in the future x
  3. lydia c
    How's everyone doing
  4. babychops
    Same thing has happened this month got a faint positive clearblue yesterday and a darker one this morning. But I tried a first response this afternoon and it's negative! So annoyed! X
  5. Bexnorm
    Ive got my first scan a week on Monday! Very excited! Plus I put my fb page live last night and had some positive responses so hopefully I can get some good clients in before August when baby is due! How is everyone else?

    Babychops, has the dr said why you get false positives if you aren't pregnant? Sometimes it can be an indicator of something else? False negatives can happen but a false positive is very strange as the hormone has to be present in order to show up?! What are the other tests you're using? I've used supermarket own brand ones before as I know they're reliable but know that ones from places like Poundland can sometimes be a bit dodgy. X
  6. babychops
    No I haven't spoken to the doctor about it. I just put it down to clearblue being *****! I have taken some boots tests and get a faint line but after the time frame. And got a negative on a frer. O well, Iv just have to learn to never test before your period is due! X
    Good luck with your scan! Very exciting! X

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  7. babychops

    I don't know if you'll be able to see anything but there's line on all of them x
  8. Bexnorm
    You can definitely see a line. I would definitely go to the drs. Clear blue I've found to be pretty good. Most pregnancy tests are the same nowadays, that's why drs don't bother testing anymore and just send you straight to a midwife as the ones you buy in like boots etc are the same quality as medical grade. I'll attach a pic of my first one, that I took on the day of my missed period. You'll see they're pretty similar.
    If you're getting positive results on one test def go see a dr and take the test with you. They can check by a blood test. I still bled with my first so what seems like a period might not actually be. ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1487255429.516990.jpg
  9. babychops
    I'm very tempted to pop to Tesco to buy some more tests but then I don't want to waste more money. It's so frustrating. I know I should probably wait until my period is late to test again but it's so hard to wait! lol X
  10. babychops
    Just got another faint line! Is it not getting darker as it's still early? I'm not due till Sunday. Should I re-test in the morning or wait till Saturday morning? X
  11. Bexnorm
    I would wait until Sunday to be honest or even Saturday. The lines would only get darker as the days go on as more of the hcg hormone is produced. But if your period does not show, or you still get positive tests after possible bleeding, go to the drs and get them to check it out. They will most likely do a blood test. The results can come back next day. It's so difficult trying to be patient though! But it's the only way to know for certain. I've definitely got fingers and toes crossed for you! Xx
  12. PicklePie
    Do you 'feel' pregnant? I've always known before doing the test, even when I'm not late. If you don't, I think you're just going to drive yourself mad keep testing and retesting with differing results.
  13. babychops
    I will wait until Saturday or Sunday morning and see. The only reason I tested was because Iv had abit of a dodgy tummy for a while and felt off. But that could mean anything x
  14. Bexnorm
    Let us know how you get on! When trying everything makes you think you're pregnant, you just can't help it can you? I remember before falling with my first I used to be adamant I was pregnant at every tummy twinge and if I needed the toilet more often! After a few negatives I got my positive and ironically enough it happened when I thought I definitely wasn't!

    If you've been trying, I really hope those positive lines happen again at the weekend! X
  15. babychops
    Yes I was like that with my first lol. But the month I finally conceived I just knew my test would turn positive and it did! I told myself to not get obsessed this time round but it's so difficult not to! I told my hubby to hide the ovulation tests this month as I didn't want to stress about it! But we will see what happens at the weekend x
  16. Bexnorm
    See I could never work out the ovulation tests!! For ages I was convinced I wasn't even ovulating because the tests would always come up negative. It even got to the point where I'd applied to product test for clear blue as couldn't figure out why every ovulation was negative. Then surprised me with a positive pregnancy test! Haha! I think you can't help but obsess as it's your body. You know what normal and what isn't and so can't help analysing everything that's different! I really hope it is positive for you. Please let us know how you get on! Xx
  17. lyd91
    Hi girls hope everyone's doing OK. I'm joining this club again :) had my scan this week I'm 13+5 today. Due August again. 4 days b4 my lo will be 2 lol xxx

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  18. babychops
    Congratulations! Xx
  19. lydia c
    Congratulations lyd ️ 2 year gap
    Is nice .
    Im 34 weeks today 6 week countdown
  20. Bexnorm
    Congratulations!! I've got my scan on Monday so hoping it all goes ok! This one will be an august baby too and my first will be about 3 months shy of 2! I'm already terrified about having two!

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