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Discussion in 'Business' started by ker3003, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. ker3003
    Hey! I'm opening a new salon in a few months and I'm looking for ideas that will make my salon stand out!
    Can u give me any ideas for products to have/special offers etc??

    Thanks :) xxx
  2. Susie H
    First things first, where is it?
    Are we talking shop? home salon, business park?
    If it's a shop then first thing is to cross the road and look at the shops around it. How much foot traffic is there, how busy is the road.
    Lets assume, until you tell me different, that it's on a fairly busy road near the town center. What colours have the shops around you used, what is their signage like.
    You want to use colours that stand out with a type font that is easy to read form a distance but reflects what you are all about, who you want to attract.
    Young and moden? I would be looking at bright colours with an edgy sharp type font.
    All age groups, men and women? Smart, bold.
    A place for women to come and be pampered? Soft shades with a flowery print.
    You want it to catch the eye of passing motorists. Oh and for the sake of the delivery drivers, put your shop number up there.
    Then the window (s) This is for your foot traffic, nothing screams tacky like an A4 printed price list blue tacked to the door.
    But the same printed list put into a photo frame on a shelf half way up the window surounded by photo's in frames of your work and little nick nacks scattered around with retail products in amongst it is interesting.
    This should be changed every couple of weeks, even it all you are doing is moving the same display into different positioning, something will catch the eye in a different way.
    There are the normal special days, N'ton has a big Irish comunity and 'Paddy's' day is well celebrated here. Then we'll be into the royal wedding, St Georges day mothers day, fathers day, it goes on, but you can also have your own. You could have sun sea and beauty for all those people wanting to look great on the beach with offers for the quietest day of the week. If your area has a large comunity of one type of national, like our Irish, it's a good idea to find out what days they celebrate and how.
    For ideas on decore, I'd start looking on geeks home pages, many of them have photos up and it's amazing how looking through them, seeing a wall paper, or a stencil can get your own creativity flowing.
    Hope this has helped hun:hug:
  3. ker3003
    Thanks hun! That's a great help, it is a shop that I'm moving to.
    It's great to hear other peoples ideas as at the moment I work from home!
    Thanks :) xxx
  4. Susie H
    No problem, I had a home studio, don't know what the future will bring.
    I had a small space and get board easily so took a leaf out of a friends boat, yep, boat, she had a canal boat that was over 150 years old and was forever changing the way it looked.
    But she did it with the soft furnishings only.
    So inexpensive but the changes were very dramatic. Cushions and curtains, shapes as well as colours, along with bows, flowers vases, photo's and plates.
    She went on to become an interiour designer:lol: but a lot of her first idea's were just from looking at wall paper patten books, which always show which colours go with which and yet that was the one thing she never changed, the boat was wood panalled!
  5. HsarahH
    I will always remember the price list in a frame on an interesting shelf idea. Thank you so much!
  6. Sarah22
    Pretty straightforward, but display your certificates!! There's nothing more reassuring for your customers to see :) xx
  7. vitality

    If you are opening your salon in the summer and the weather and law permits you could set up a display or demonstration outside. This will create a sense of excitement and draw attention to your salon. you could have balloons and a banner, offer free mini head massages or simply offer skincare samples and hand out advertising materials.

    Visual merchandising is very important in any business selling goods. Just be careful not to go over the top as too many decorations and products being all over the place will be too messy for people to get your sales message. Try and keep it simple with a theme or telling a story, this will help the client envisage themselves using your products and will make the products stand out rather than confuse clients with the fancy decorations or cluttered shelves.

    An example of a story and theme would be having a special offer on with a facial cleanser. Have them displayed on a separate stand but instead of adding confetti and gems (Which I see a lot of small salons do) have them displayed with a facial flannel (using the same colour of the brand of products or your salon) in a fancy thai bowl for example. This is visually appealing but also is a potential add on sale from an impulse buyer. Accent lighting has also been proving to draw in customers, which could be beneficial on a featured product.

    Use signage to identify different product sections such as facial, body and nails -this will help customers pinpoint what they need and inspire
    additional purchases.

    Consider how your store sounds, smells, and even feels (Such as the towels you use, the seats they are sitting on and the floor they are walking on) Keep this in sync with the environment and image you are wanting to create.

    Draw up a table on your needs as a business and what target audience customers your trying to attract. Write a list of all the events coming up in the year and try to come up with promotions that suit your business.

    Look up top companies and hair salons of a similar theme you want to achieve and look there for inspiration. Although you may not have the same budget as them, there will be great ideas.

    Think about what your salon's unique selling point is and try to embrace it with your advertising.

    At the end of the day, a beauty salon is a customer orientated business. If you make a great effort with customer care and satisfaction the quicker word of mouth spreads.

    You could maybe offer all clients a luxury coffee, herbal tea or fruit smoothie with their consultation. Greeting clients immediately and pleasantly, hanging all clients coats up when they enter your salon and even making up your own prescription product sheets will improve customer care. Prescription product sheets are a great way to increase retail sales and it is giving the client a sense of a personal service making them feel cared for.

    Sorry if I've blabbed on a bit. Some of these thing may seem obvious but not everyone does them and this separates a good salon from the bad. :)
  8. Susie H
    Vitality:hug: I want your business head, your attention to detail is great:hug:

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