New Shellac Colours 2013

Discussion in 'Nail' started by mini4mum, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. mini4mum
    Pastels ;-)

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  2. Glitterbox81
    On a purely selfish basis I'm disappointed just because I never wear pale or pastel type colours (as an aside I find buying colours really hard because I am naturally drawn to the colours I like rather than what the customers might like). But I'm sure they'll be a hit with the customers and more colours are always great :green:.
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  3. Dream Nails
    Ooooooo I wonder what colours.
    I would love a baby blue, mint green and a pastel violet :)
    Vicki x
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  4. Tigan
    I know im going to love them whatever they are !
    I have loved them all so far
  5. melissab
    Ooooooh. Can't wait to see them.
  6. Aydie
    Preview picture given on a blog ( in shellac lovers group)

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  7. Lolly22
    Ooooh grapefruit sparkle! That looks lovely. I'm excited, I love new colours :D x
  8. UneNoisette
    Would love to see an opaque baby pink, lilac, pastel peach and the perfect mint green :)
  9. Belle'sBeauty
    A baby blue would be fab!!xx

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  10. MissJulesBeauty
    oooh how exciting!
  11. 5@MB
    Will they be available to buy from s2? X
  12. Bumblebee78
    Grrrr need more info after seeing the naughty taster pic of grapefruit sparkle!!!!! Want more!!!!!!!!!!
  13. SweetyStacey
  14. StephR
    I read another blog very similar to this one and it was hinting at there being matching polishes to the shellac colours!
  15. syncage
    Check out the solessence blog. It has been confirmed spring 2013 will see a new shellac colour and a new cnd enamel both called grapefruit sparkle.. Very excited about what that means.!
  16. paula's beauty

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  17. StephR
    That might have been the blog I saw lol x
  18. mini4mum
    NOW that is exciting! Ssshhhh..... Matching polishes........ Yaaahoooooo!!! ;)
  19. waffle4
    Oh I love that colour really hope it is shellac
  20. Zooks
    Is is me or is the grapefruit one very much like strawberry smoothie? Purely by th look of the bottle?

    Do hope not.

    Pastel blue, mint green, violet, yellow and an orange would be fantabulous!

    And cant wait for matching polishes, so glad our company listed to feedback!

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