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Discussion in 'Skin' started by bombini, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. bombini
    I have ummed & arrred over Nimue for a long time now & have pm'd a few of you but I need to make a decision this weekend over which range im going to stock so for the last time please can you give me your views on this range & why it works ?

    I was only sent four samples & the ones that I tried didn't smell very pleasant (jmho, I normally love fragrant ranges) but the range I have now only sent me four samples (which I really liked) then when I ordered the rest of the range I hated it !

    So what I would like to know is,

    Do you see instant results after a Facial ?
    Do clients LIKE the range & how it smells ?
    Do you get clients because they want Nimue ?
    How good is Nimue at treating Mature skin types & Anti-Ageing ? Most of my clients concerns are these areas so I need something that is very effective.

    Thanks xxx
  2. Sassy Hassy
    Do you see instant results after a Facial ? Most definitely! I'm sure she won't mind me saying this, but I did a Nimue rejuvenating facial on Beautyguru (Gabrielle) as like you she was umming and ahhing about whether to take on Nimue. Well Gabrielle has the most fantastic skin and I really didn't think she'd see a difference, but not only did she but so did all her clients. So yes most defo instant results

    Do clients LIKE the range & how it smells ? Nimue is not a flowery range, it's a cosmeceutical range. As Mrs Geek said in this month's Hyperion Newsletter, it's like Ronseal, it does what it says on the tin ... and then some! It is a brand aimed at getting results, not for pleasing the senses. It has very little smell at all.

    Do you get clients because they want Nimue ? They get it because i have 110% faith that it will get the results my clients want and need and buy off my enthusiasm. I do however get calls from people all round the country who have found my website, South African ladies in particular as that is where it originates from. These are people who ahve used the brand and are hooked because it works.

    How good is Nimue at treating Mature skin types & Anti-Ageing ? Most of my clients concerns are these areas so I need something that is very effective.
    Nimue is fab at treating this type of skin, as well as problematic and hyperpigmented. They have recently doubled the range of products to make it even better. As you probably know it's main ingredient is a triple AHA combination buffered for maximum results. Here's what Paula Begoun says about AHA's.

    An effective AHA or BHA product. One significant consequence of sun damage is that the outer layer of skin becomes thickened, discolored, rough, and uneven. The best way to help skin shed abnormally built-up layers of dead, unhealthy skin is to use a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) or beta hydroxy acid (BHA) product. Such exfoliation will not only even out skin tone it will also produce a significant improvement in the texture of skin. Another benefit is that exfoliating away accumulated layers of dead skin cells helps other products you use, particularly moisturizers, penetrate skin and be far more effective. The most researched forms of AHAs are glycolic or lactic acids. Salicylic acid is the sole BHA option. For AHAs, look for products that contain at least 5% AHA, but preferably 8-10%. If the percentage isn’t listed on the label, then the ingredient should be at the top of the ingredient list. For BHA products, 0.5% to 2% concentrations are available.

    Added with that - the products that contain antioxidants to combat free radical damage and boy oh boy this range is fab for mature skins. If this is the main type of client you have then you will have to sell them the virtues of the results and they need to forget about the lack of aromas!

    I am however about to take on the essential oils facial range from Academie, not for skincare but for those people who want a luxurious pamper facial with all the smells! I am not going to be doing the Nimue pamper facial anymore, just keeping it purely as a treatment range. The two brands complement each other very well and I can't ait to do my Academie training next week!
  3. bombini
    Thanks Sassy, you've helped loads !

    If most of the products don't have much fragrance I can cope with that, I just thought they might smell a bit clinical.

    I am also considering academie as been using the oily skin products & I think they are fab, but am hoping to test some more of both ranges at the NEC tomorrow.

    I had considered stocking a range like Nimue then using a small aromatherapy range along side.
  4. naturalnails
    I use the Nimue products at home from a consumers point of view and I love them - they almost have a rose fragrance to the moisturisers.

    Your clients will not be disappointed with the results - I only wish there was a salon near me to get a facial done.
  5. Kim Lawless
    Nimue is an excellent skincare range and your clients will see great results. However, you will also need to stock another, more luxury range. It's a shame as it really is brilliant but clients like to buy a well know brand. Once you get them on it, they'll be hooked. HTH. x
  6. bombini
    Thanks for your comments:)

    When you say I should get another more well known range is this from a retail point of view ? Im not to bothered about retail as most of my clients will buy the range I stock (Well they have said they will!) but the problem I have is getting people to book in. When I say ahava (the range I currently use) people just aren't interested all of the salons around here stock very big ranges like guinot, decleor, dermalogica etc

    I haven't got the money or the room to have a range the size of decleor & there is no way I could stock two ranges unless both are quite small.

    So would you say Nimue isn't a luxury range, maybe I will be better going with academie :confused: What do you think ?
  7. Kim Lawless
    Nimue is not a luxury range but it is excellent.

    As a previous salon manager, clients would regularly walk in and ask if we sold Decleor or Dermalogica..........we didn't. They would then try another salon.

    Think about what you want to make your money from.........treatments or retail. If it's treatment then Nimue is a good bet as the start up isn't too expensive.

    There's nothing to stop you buying say Clarins from a store and using these in your facials. AT least you won't have an initial outlay of over £1,000 and your clients will be treated with a brand they know and love.
  8. suzybaby
    I'm also torn between the decision to take on Nimue.
    although I love the product my concern is the the retailing of the products after posting a thread about this the other day I did some research and found that although clients want a facial to do something they would not be willing to pay the prices for the home care!! maybe this is because I have a home salon?
    also IMO I would have to take on a pampering facial too such as Academie for the smells etc...

    and I can't afford to take on two .

    I will say that the Hyperion group have been fantastic trying to accommodate my needs and trying to tailor make a package for me
  9. Sassy Hassy
    I used to have a credit card machine in my home salon and it really boosted my retail sales. As soon as it went due to my house moving milarcky my retailing virtually stopped overnight. Even with a home salon I was retailing about £80 a week on average. I would really recommend getting a card facility.

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