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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Hubby!, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Hubby!
    Hi all,

    My Wife has to work and doesn't have a PC in the Salon so I have to do all the reasearch..........

    Anyway, I've seen a couple of threads on the Nimue Skincare range but can't seem to see much of a response to it.

    My question is, do you think that the Beauty Industry is more frequented by people who just want to be pampered a little or do you think that the Industry has just been waiting for some Medical Treatments to appear, like those offered by Nimue???

    Any feedback from anyone actually using Nimue in their Salon would be great..........
  2. geeg
    This is a really good question and as one who regularly has a facial and body massage (every 2 weeks without fail) I can give you my opinion as a client.

    I would not go to a Spa or salon to receive a treatment of any kind unless I knew it had some therapeutic value as well as the 'feel good' factor. I want both ... I want it all.

    I was for years and years a devoted Dermalogica user because I knew it was benefitting my skin ... results were clear to see. When I moved to Spain, it was even more important to me (with the sun exposure etc) to keep up a good skin regime with good products and treatments to keep at bay the signs of aging that the sun causes ... SO ... I changed to Nimue products for skin that is environmentally challenged to see if they did what they said they did!!

    My skin is in great shape I think, and what I like the most about the Nimue products is that they are simple to use and not as confusing as the Dermologica range that, though undoubtedly great products, seem to have at least 2 or 3 that purport to do the same job and I never knew which was best???

    I first ran across Nimue in South Africa at the gorgeous Spa at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town. The therapist there was just exceptional and adored the range ... so I tried it and have been using it ever since.
  3. Northern Nails
    i would be interested in what others have to say about Nimue, i looked at this range when at the GMex center in Manchester last year, the products she prescribed left my skin red and irritated.....

    what have others experienced using this product
  4. Hubby!
    Hi Mamma,

    Just from the consultation today, would you happen to be using the Bio Active Complex???

    If you are, then maybe you should try the Alginate Mask, which is known to 'help to eliminate the redness often associated with the use of the Bio Active Complex', or so they say.

    A little more info would be good, so that I could put it to them when I speak next time. Just like to see the reaction I get, although, I must say, for a youngster, I'd really doubt that there is anything that this girl does not know....... :eek:) She was like a flippin' encyclopedia (sp)......
  5. Northern Nails
    I cant remember, she asked me what skin type i have "sensitive" & "dehydrated" i said. She gave me some samples, cleanser, toner & moisturiser and said they were for my skin type, my cheeks felt really irritated and hot afterwards. She didn't give me any masks just the basics
  6. Northern Nails
    Just to add the lady who advised me used to work in Africa or is African... she has the accent anyway....cant remember which
  7. Mrs Geek
    There is a really lovely Nimue consultant and Educator called Vanessa; I shall ask her to post as I am unsure of many of these questions. I myself use the eye cream, Moitsurizer Lite and various other products. My skin is also in good shape and I tested the 'problem skin care products' on my babysitter for 6 months! She had bad acne and her skin has completely changed. I took pictures too, I'll see if I can post them!;)
  8. Deb Doyle
    Just to let you all know this is the first time i have ever replied!!!!!
    I am so glad to hear that there are people out there using nimue!, as I am about to take nimue on in my salon in Liverpool in Feb and cant wait, it is a skincare range that I know will have great results and they seem to give great support too which i really need (only had business 9 months). So if there is any more salon owners out there who could give some advice that would be great.

    Thank you

    Debs xxxx :D
  9. skinexpert
    Dear Hubby

    My name is Vanessa and i am the Educator of the Nimue Skin Technology brand. I would be delighted to send you a presentation pack, and assist you with as much information as you need. In answer to your question, the skin care industry is frequented by clients requiring both pampering and results orientated products,forcing clients to research a brand before spend there hard earned pounds!
  10. skinexpert
    Dear Debbie

    My name is Vanessa and i am the Educator of the Nimue Skin Technology brand. I am thrilled that you have chosen a product that is simplistic, but results orientated. I will not be the Educator for your training, but you are in supurb hands with another Nimue Educator. Yours Sales Executive will assist you every step of the way, to achiving skin and business excellence!
  11. skinexpert
    Dear Mamma

    My name is Vanessa and i am the Educator of the Nimue Skin Technology brand. I would like to re-consult you on your skin classification. Nimue is a treatment skin care brand and can produce sensations on the skin. The results are outstanding, some skins require rest before rejuvenation. The Bio Active Complex is a professional product that gently exfoliates, while lightening and brightening the skin. The Alginate Mask is a professional treatment mask which helps to sooth and calm the skin.
  12. soozin
    HI There just want to say that I had my first ever superb facial with Nimue yesterday and my skin feels and looks sensational!!!Having tried many products I have to say I have never had the sensational results I have just had with one treatment !!!
    Everything about my skin has improved, the texture, the elasticity, the dehydration and fine lines have all improved so much.I honestly felt on such a high when I looked at my completion in the mirror, my cheeks were sore with smiling:) I still can't stop feeling it and taking a look at myself just so as I can feel amazed all over again!!
    I also invested in a lovely foundation which also treats the skin as well as giving great coverage that looks so natural you can't even see or feel you are wearing it!
    I certainly will be throwing out all my old skin care products and start buy building up my Nimue Products..sensational !!!

    By the way I am 45 with Sun damaged skin, I never ever thought my skin would ever look or feel as good as it does now!:)

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