Nipple Stickers!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lorrie, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Lorrie
    Hi Geeks,
    I just wanted to tell you about my last Tanning lady. She wore Nipple Stickers! I thought that was a great idea. All you other tanning geeks prob already know about these but I'd only ever read about them in mags, never seen them. Well I reckon it gave my lady so much more confidence to stand there almost naked. She said she didn't feel so undressed having put covers over her nipples. I was so impressed I went straight onto eBay & found a seller. £16.50 for 20 sets. It's an American seller, ninigarden. In Robert Sayles they are £4.95 foe 5 sets so I think it works out a bit cheaper.
    I'm defo gona offer them to my clients. I think a lot would be happier to wear them. It's funny how just covering them doesn't make you feel so naked!
    Anyway best get on, just thought I'd share! :)
  2. lynseyloo
    I think thats a great idea, I agree it would certainly make me feel less undressed, even though I am if you know what I mean :lol:
  3. 1999judy
    Have you got a link? I looked on ebay under the word nipple and found a few truly interesting items but not these.:lol:

    what are they like - 2 corn plasters?
  4. nailzoo
    ever thought of bandaids (plasters) if you are concerned about skin cancers and what may have to be cut off, or burnt off in the future (as a man) i wear a sock *wink* if ya know what i mean
    but remember if you go topless and wear a nipple guard your boobs will be tanned, but your nipples will be pink ...... go figure
  5. Fingertips ND
    yeah but your not gonna walk round with your nipples out so what does it matter if your nipples are white and your boobs are brown.

    Are they called daisies?
  6. 1999judy
    I think she means for spraytans not beachwear. Love the sock idea, it has cracked me up.:lol:
  7. 1999judy
  8. Fingertips ND
    i actually use these but not for spray tanning!
  9. 1999judy
    Yes I can see the benefit of wearing them under clothing. Make the most of it Vicki - you'll soon be sporting those lovely maternity breast pads:eek: :hug:
  10. nailsbydesign
    I dont know about the rest of you but my nipples are not that size i would also have half my boob white if i wore these for a spray tan....and i have large boobs!!!!
  11. VHunter
    "nipple stickers"
    :lol: :lol:

    They're called 'pasties' :wink2:

    'usually' they're for wearing under clothes when you go braless and dont want your nipples poking through. I wear them all the time. Most often, they are flower shaped and flesh-tone (beige).

    You can also get them in a myriad of other colors and designs too, for the more daring. Strippers also use them.

    I get mine from "La Senza" which is a bra/lingerie/sleepwear boutique here in Canada, but they also have an online store.

    And here's a link or two that came up in search

    Have fun shopping
  12. melissaq
    I never would have thought :) .....but then again I have never had a spray on tan let alone went to a topless beach.....I think I'd be more paranoid someone could see my pasties more than just looking at my nipples...but then don't all nipples look the same ? just different shades.....:rolleyes: Clever idea the nipple stickers!
  13. SaraMobile
    They also sell them in the next catalogue £2.50 a pair I think. Good idea.
  14. NailsFrmHeaven
    what a great idea xxx
  15. Lorrie
    Thankyou for all your comments, I had a good chuckle reading them :lol:
    I stand corrected on the name, the packet I have infront of me calls them 'Petal Tops'! & they come in heart shapes too! :) A lot of women don't really care if you see them but I've got some younger clients & they don't quite have the confidence to stand there showing all like us older chicks! Once you've had a baby your dignity well goes out the window! :)
    I wouldn't want to stick corn plasters on me nips, might smart a bit when you pull em off!! :eek:
    I didn't know Next did them. Should of guessed La Senza did, they have loads of good things in there although I'm a Bravissimo girl so don't go in there!
  16. 1999judy
    Never mind the spray tanning I'm ordering a few pairs from the link Vhunter left. Pity there's none with tassels:lol:
  17. Lorrie
    Try Ann Summers for them!! I'm sure they'll have some :lol:
  18. Tammy BTN
    You could start a new trend! with these ones you can choose the shape of your white bits!

    love it! ha ha

  19. nicjill
    Several of my sunbed clients take in an extra pair of Wink-Ease (stick-on goggles) to avoid burning their sensitive bits! They cost about £27 for a 250 pair roll. I guess these would do the same job for spray tanning. Have to say that most of my clients aren't bothered. They will happily stand there in a thong & let everything hang out.:lol:

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