Normal polish over Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by GaynorE, May 28, 2011.

  1. GaynorE
    hi all, i have just had a little experiment with my shellac, i did normal application of shellac right through to finishing. then a couple of days later i bought some new china glaze polishes so over my shellac i did seche clear base coat, 2 coats of colour polish and seche vite to finish.

    its been 9 days since i applyed the shellac and i have found that the china glaze polish has worn at the free edge and chipped a little and the shellac worn and chipped with it.
    is this normal when you wear a polish on top?

    and also i have just removed the china glaze with non acetone polish remover and my shellac has just kinda bubbled up from the free edge from using the polish remover, its like it softened the shellac even tho its not got acetone in it. does this always happen?
    i was goin to advice my friend to have shellac with normall polish over for 2 partys close together then she could remove the top polish but it looks as tho that wouldnt be a good idea.

    does any1 no what may have gone wrong, thanks
  2. joingram87
    Hiya, :)

    I can't help you both this in afraid, but am interested to hear the replies because i too thought you could apply normal polish and remove with an acetone free remover.

    Jo x

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  3. charlotte.b
    I have shellac french on my nails and have applied nail polish on top and removed 3x in the past 2 weeks and have had no problems whatsoever. I only put colour on top though no base (because the nail is already protected) and no top coat, could just be luck though lol also my remover has acetone in and has not affected it, i'm guessing it may be a different story with a shellac colour x
  4. An*Gel
    I've never used polish over shellac, but don't think this is the reason your Shellac chipped.

    Are your natural nails in good condition?.... perhaps they are flaky and that's the reason the Shellac flaked off?

    Are you using the Shellac as a system.. ie the correct lamp etc?

    I'd say the reason your Shellac bubbled when you removed the polish is because there must have been acetone in the remover... even if it says non acetone on the bottle, there may still be a small percentage in it and this would be enough to affect the Shellac.

    I know other techs use Colour and effects from CND over Shellac and have no problems, personally I never feel the need for this as I just love the Shine that Shellac gives!
  5. victims

    I have also tried using a regular nail polish over my Shellac and I have the same problem with removal. Removing the polish makes my shellac go soft, and it doesn't rehardens or anything. I have tried 2 brands of polish remover (acetone-free ofcourse) and ScrubFresh to remove the polish, all with thesame result. I have noticed that using scrubfesh as polish remover makes it go a little less soft, but the shellac is still noticeably affected.
    Oh and I have also tried several polish brands, from OPI to China Glaze to low-budget, it doesn't change anything.
    I'm kinda desperate here, because being able to polish over it was one of the reasons I chose for Shellac!

  6. gold dust
    lol i know iam going to sound a little dippy here! But iam confused why would you want to put normal polish over shellac?
  7. lisa.sharrock
    Bored with colour, maybe?

    Or maybe client has a french and wants a coat of colour for the weekend?
  8. victims
    Sometimes for a party or work I like to change the colour on my nails while still keeping the shellac!
    Anyways, anyone who can solve this mystery? If you don't have any problems with the shellac going soft, then what do you use for removing the polish?
  9. GaynorE
    hi yeah the free edge of my nnails are a little flaky and thin so thats hopfully the chipping solved but it also wore off, like the way normal polish does wen you wear if over enhancements.

    yeah i use the full system lamp ect so cant be that

    why does a polish remover say its acetone free if it is not? what a strange thing to do, i will have a look at it and see if this is the case, i was just desperate to wear the new colour polish but dint want to remove the shellac thanks for your reply
  10. GaynorE
    what polsih remover do you use?

    maybe because i had base coat n top coat on i had to keep the remover on longer, so it affected the shellac?

    if its just polish alone then its not much more than a quick swipe i think ill try that next time thanks
  11. GaynorE
    i thought it would be great for having nail art on top then changing when i get bored but keeping the base colour (shellac)

    the only thing i didnt do is use cnds d-colour, as its formulated to be used with all cnd products maybe this is the only polish remover that doesnt affect it? am def gona order a bottle next time and give it a go
  12. GaynorE
    ok, the polish remover i used was nsi's non-acetone polsih remover, it contains.....methyl ethyl ketone, methyl diethoxol, aqua, isopropyl myristate,CI 18050.

    and i also have skintruth non-acetone polish remover,
    contains.....ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, MEK, aqua

    i am no scientist the only thing i get from that is aqua being water lol, an am taking a guess at the ethyl acetate in the skintruth one is a form of acetone??

    does any1 know if theres an ingredient in the nsi one that would have caused the shellac to soften and bubble, and would the skintruth cause the same problems?

  13. JuicyLucy
    I am pretty sure that I have read on here a few times that all polish removers have some form of acetone in them (what ever it says on the bottle). I don't think it would be possible to remove polish without it.

    I do not use Shellac myself, but I assume what Charlotteb says is probably the key to this. If a client wants a quick temporary colour change, then one or two colour coats with no top or base coats should be sufficient and quick enough to remove without damage to Shellac.
  14. mizzy_dizzy
    YouTube - ‪The Science behind CND Shellac Color and the Removal‬‏

    It's not really a mistery ,
    Shellac is not a gel, it's A hybrid polish it's not imune to removers !

    This said though I wear shellac and use acetone & based products daly , my shellac dose not turn soft go dull bubble or chip , because i'm quick and I don't over expose myself to it ,

    If you watch the shellac science video you will see the removal prosses and what are explained as "tiny tunnles" less in top coat more in color ect , I think once you have seen it you will understand that you need to be quicker with polish removal or use less , as you must be doing one of theese ,
    Like I said I use these products daily but find my shellac to be quite non pourus ,

    I don't wear or advocate to my clients to add polish over there shellac it's not what it's ment for if they do it then they wreck there shellac removing the polish well that's there fault !
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  15. gr8nailz
    Exactly. This isn't Shellac's intended use. Don't be surprised when a Shellac service breaks down when it's not being used the way it's supposed to. I see all kinds of threads on this site the different ways Shellac is being used. Unless it's a way being endorsed by CND, I don't consider it valid.
  16. victims
    I'm pretty sure that you can find in their Q&A that it is possible to use normal polish over shellac:
    question 38.
    They do state that it won't last that long because normal polish chips, but nothing is mentioned about removing the polish and keeping the shellac. At my training they said that you've gotta look out for remover without acetone and without ....(another ingrediƫnt but I can't remember what it's called), and that it wouldn't be a problem to remove it then
  17. StephR
    I've applied the poi crackle polish over my shellac just to try it out when I first got it and never had a problem. I removed it with non acetone n.v.r and shellac was perfect underneath. Like other have suggested maybe your nails were flaky under the shellac which caused it all to chip or you may have been a little heavy handed doing something to cause the chips. With regards to the shellac bubbling etc some of the n.v.r might have got under the shellac when you took the polish off. Would have been able to get under the shellac if it was chipped.

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