Normal polish under Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ClaireyLouise, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. ClaireyLouise
    Has anyone ever applied normal polish then put a shellac top coat over it so it would last longer and there would be no drying time?
  2. Mobile Manicure
    It won't last love. You need to apply these power polishes or gel polishes as you were trained to. I experimented on myself once and within 2 days all the nails had tiny hairline cracks, started chipping and looked a mess. Even though they looked great for about 6 hours!

    Don't waste your time.
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  3. nicole333
    Young Nails have confirmed you can use their ManiQ Top coat over normal polish. I would only do it on myself as you have to wait for the polish to be completely dry before applying.
  4. blossom
    Really? Have you tried it? Does it chip/craze after a few days or does it last well? Sorry about all the questions, I just can't believe it!!! lol
  5. linzi
    No, and there are a few reasons I wouldn't.

    1/ I'm having a love affair with shellac and all it's different options :Love:

    2/ Professional systems are meant to be used together; all of the products are made to work in conjunction with each other. You just can't guarantee what will happen if you don't do that, not to mention you'd be liable for repairs.

    3/ Having never done it, I'm not the full 100% sure but I'd bet my house on the fact that you'd have to wait for the polish to dry completely. So there IS drying time.
  6. nicole333
    I havn't yet! I have way too many options on my list and it seems I can only wear Negligee at work, so wouldn't be able to test it out yet.

    Maybe have a look through the Gel polish lovers group to see who has? They have also confirmed you can mix ManiQ with normal polish. There are loads of threads on this side of things.

    I emailed the lady at YN who confirmed this. Plus it was announced on their FB page.
  7. KSRR
    I use ManiQ Top coat over polishes and it works well. You do have to let polish dry but it's great. Young Nails also do ManiQ clear soak off gel in a pot and you can use it with polishes. You can also mix the polish with the gel. Lasts like all other gel polishes.
  8. SJK
    I've tried regular polish with a Shellac top coat. It doesn't work. The top coat won't lay properly. You have to use the system.
  9. izzidoll
    If it was that easy to just bung a UV topcoat over polish, why would they have spent 5 years developing Shellac?
  10. cerise
    iv used normal nail art paint under shellac and its fine?
  11. lilly
    I use Gelish top it off (finishing top coat ) over dry polish, it's brilliant, fantastic shine, no probs with it all, I've used it on my nails and clients so I'v given it a good test.
  12. nicole333
    How long are your clients waiting for the polish to dry before you apply it? I was under the impression that in an ideal world you would wait overnight, hence it was only something I have ever thought about doing on myself with the ManiQ.

    Also, what have Nail Harmony said about using Top it off in this way?
  13. Metamorfosis
    Not a fan of mixing anything that shouldn't go together, but....

    ...I have done Shellac base, 2 x Cream Puff, Rainbow leopard print in polish, then top coat and it lasted the full 2 weeks - but this was just a design not a full polished nail.

    Shame on me I know! The client was a friend and was more than happy to be a guinea pig :D

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  14. besthands
    Agree with all above a system is meant to stay together, however i have used with very good results the UV cure IBD topcoat over OPI and China Glaze regular polish. No dry time just 3 min. under UV lite and no smudges on pedicures in winter time without the flip flops. Used on manicures as well. I know its not as tough as a gel overcoat but it really works quite well! Very little wait time and excellent wear! Try it!
    Also i used to have a salon at a Fitness/Tennis club, the women would get a pedi and i would use the IBD topcoat over OPI polish and they would go play tennis after the service and i promise not a single smudge they loved it, i loved it, great product!!
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  15. lilly
    By the time I've polished them blw dried her hair they're ready for the gel top coat, I absolutely respect the non mixing code but people mix glitters with gels and colour pigments to gels etc, sometimes you have to break the rules ! Suck it and see ! X
  16. KSRR
    Sounds great. How long does it last over polish without chipping or peeling?
  17. besthands
    The pedis seem to last till the outgrowth is unsightly, manis are more like a week. But its not the same as the gel capping services. Still a nice option to keep in mind!!

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