Nouveau Blink & Go lashes?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Bonkers, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. collin
    Its absolutely no problem whatsoever :hug:
    Its a common couple of words so before this goes pear shape...its no problem at all many companies use it as a general statement...even Argos:eek::lol::hug:

    Good luck with the launch ...glad youve figured the PM box:hug:
  2. Nouveau
    There are a couple of 'Nouveau's' on here - I knew about the PM box already *wink*.

    Thanks Collin.
  3. geeg
    You know, for 2 years I beat my head against the wall when telling people about PopIts (a rapid service for nails). Everyone's immediate reaction was negative as they felt the rapid service was a bid to take over from the hand made couture nail service ............. only in the last year or so have technicians finally got the concept which is that it is an alternative service for those who want speed but safely and without damage from aggressive tools and bad sanitation.

    I think it is no different with Blink & Go ... a quick service is definitely wanted and Nouveau have identified that and like any company at the forefront of their industry they have led the way with the branded concept. Watch and wait for the others tyo follow.
  4. daisyl


    The difference for me here though is not necessarily the concept, popits don't cost £2,500 for the privilidge of using them do they? I get the concept - just don't accept the need for that kind of outlay for lashes - whatever the brand!
  5. Jogels
    I think it is no different with Blink & Go ... a quick service is definitely wanted and Nouveau have identified that and like any company at the forefront of their industry they have led the way with the branded concept. Watch and wait for the others tyo follow.[/QUOTE]

    I didn't refer to the training as 'drive by' but rather the service as Geeg says "a quick service".

    Sorry but in Canada eyes have to be closed for lash extensions...

    Best wishes ;)
  6. Bonkers
    I think the reason for the price tag is that it is to keep it exclusive as its in harvey nicks and harrods etc, anyone can use the same technique but not call it blink and go, I assume this is the same with poppets and the other similar nail forms i have seen they are poppits and the others have a diff name just a lower price. :)
  7. Nouveau
    Blink & Go is a choice - like everything else out there! What suits one person won't suit another.
  8. geeg
    You have a right to think any way you want. There are plenty of people who can set up a burgher bar ... but it may not have the popularity of the brabded concept of Macdonalds. The privilege of using THE name and THE concept
    and holding the retail and the livery which is recognised is what you are buying.
    People are buying into HD Brows for the same reason ... the concept, the method the image is worth it because it is KNOWN .... easy to market to customers because of that.
  9. daisyl

    I understand your point and agree with you. However, I don't think the price is justified. Its about the cost - which IMO has been costed way to high to market at mainstream salons, which I no doubt will reduce their market greatly - especially in this economic climate, watch this space - I can hazard a guess the price will come down. Maybe I am wrong.
  10. Bonkers
    they dont want all salons offering it, which is why its a brand concept, they have it in harvey nicks and harrods so wouldnt want just a normal salon offering it as it would then not be exclusive.
  11. Tulay
    I have been researching this concept for a while and this is not the only company that sells these lashes, i spoke with a man on the stand and watched them and looked at the lashes, they use 3 types which the therapists decides how much of each to use - strips which are straight, not curved, y lashes also on a strip for ease of use and the single lash on a strip. The strips are placed on the back of the hand, already saving you time, you have a pot that you can put on your finger as a ring for the glue - also saves time, the strips are ment to be cut into small sections and applied along with the rest of the lashes, hope this helps you all. :)
  12. Nouveau Lashes
    Have you looked at the minimum opening order for other products? I'm sure this will be comparative. (is there a minimum opening order for Creative Nails?)

    The package we supply is worth well in excess of £3k and the resale of the retail products will recoup this expenditure without the need to perform a single treatment. We are offering a business oportunuty and unfortunately, you have to speculate to accumulate. We've pitched at a value where we see ourselves in the market and if you can't see the potential or reasoning for this then perhaps you're not the type of salon we're wanting to attract. I'm not intending to be cocky here but when you spend a year developing a concept and working through the figures with people who have launched and marketed multi billion pound empires (I'd absolutely love to say who and what companies but can't, sorry) you can rest assured that the value is not pie in the sky.

    The price WILL NOT come down. We'd scrap the whole idea first. But with the companies and salons already on board we're pretty confident that won't happen.

    Geeg mentioned the McDonalds concept. It's a similar idea to that on a much smaller scale and we are working tirelessly now to publicise this brand and generate demand for the companies that have bought into it.

    Watch this space. As you said. I certainly hope you're wrong.
  13. daisyl
    Hi Nouveau

    I have an extremely successful MediSpa with several treatment rooms in an affluent area with a good annual turnover. I specialise in medical aesthetics so the products I purchase are not akin to eyelash extensions. More your chemical peels, injectables etc etc. I don't purchase creative nail product so cannot answer that one I'm afraid. So no, you are right, my MediSpa would not be your 'target' market. However, I do run a successful business and I am afraid can see through the PR/marketing talk, and again, I reiterate, buying a 'concept/brand/technique' for 2.5K does not make business sense for your high street salon - IMO! I guess we hugely disagree. (Not intending to be cocky).

    The product, concept, etc etc may well be superb. I don't disagree on that one - simply the cost.
  14. Nco London Gina
    It's not actually the cost that would put me off - it's quite highish, but I get the brand/concept idea. I personally didn't see the stand, but that too sounded like it was pretty cool :)

    The thing that put me off is the fact that so far from what I have read, the lashes don't appear to be lasting very long.

    I certainly agree there is a demand for this express lash idea :) Look how many times this post has been read!!

    If some-one comes up with an express lash brand at a fraction of this price they are laughing, because there clearly is a huge demand for that too (a different market from the one you are trying to attract)

    Gina xx
  15. Nouveau

    We offer an alternative to Blink & Go - an express lash service via Nouveau Lashes for our master technicians and for those who have a smaller budget/no desire to purchase into a very specific brand such as Blink & Go. Give us a call for more info :green:
  16. Jogels
    Ok so those of you who recently had the B'N G lashes applied, it's close to the two week mark, could you update us and tell us how they are now.
  17. elisajayne
    i think they are the fan singles but with no bulb on the bottom..... using the individual lash glue, but sticking 1mm away from lid,,,:idea:
    this is what they look and sound like to me, im curious about the 3D lash.
  18. Jogels
    Hey Elisajayne

    I trained with 3 D Lashes as they have a distributor in Edmonton. Both the products and the training methods have been notified for use in Canada.I have tried a few different eye pads and I would have to say that 3D have the best ones I've tried.
  19. geeg
    I am wearing Blink & Go at the moment and I have had them on for over a week now .... I have experienced NONE of the problems that have been mentioned by some of the folks above in this thread. IN fairness I did have them applied in the salon and not at a show under hot lights and lots of pressure.

    It was quick .. it was VERY comfortable ... absolutely natural looking and so far not had a single issue. They feel so natural I completely forget about them until I look in the mirror or in the morning when (oh JOY) I don't have to apply mascara to my lashes.:green: I love them.

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