Nouveau express lashes/glam lash in a flash

Discussion in 'Skin' started by rock chic, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. rock chic
    hi guys does anyone do any of these in there salon? if so what are your thoughts? does anyone know how much training courses are and if you can do them without doing semi permanent eyelash extension course as in my area these would not work people would find them to expensive, the express ones seem perfect.:) hoping someone can help xx
  2. Ruthlm
    Hiya, as far as I am awear, witht he glam lash course, you have to have done the semi permenantn training first, and not alout to talk money on the forums, but if you go to their website, it will help, or even give them a call, phone no on their website as well, they will answer all your ?'s hth x

    Glam Lash (TM) - Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension
  3. TweezerHappy
    I think Nouveau would train you without having done semi permanent lashes. You would do 2 days of training whereas I think someone who did semi permanent lashes would do 1 day Express lashes training.

    That's what I picked up from their website. I could be totally wrong.
  4. lilgemgem
    Im doing the blink & go course in a week, it's in London purley it's a 2 day course and I have no eye lash training if you have lash training it's a 1 day course, it costs £2500 but with vat it's nearly £3000 but it does come with everything Inc chair and retail, hope this helps x
  5. TweezerHappy
    If you are not salon based they will still train you. You just can't call it Blink & Go and it is a lot cheaper.
  6. lilgemgem
    I asked if my friend could do the course as she is a mobile lash tech and they said no you can only do if you have a salon cos u need the chair and everything,
  7. TweezerHappy
    Maybe their specific Blink and Go training is a different set up to their Xpress lash training, but they definitely do training in Xpress lashes for non salon based techs
  8. rock chic
    well i must give nouveau ring then,glam lash is no good if i have to do training in semi permanent eyelashes though i aint interested in chair lamp etc as i am home based and wouldn have the room for it anyhow.
    Thanks geeks:)
  9. Jenx
    I would get in touch with them and ask, I did the Glam Lash in a Flash but they didn't mention if you had to be trained in semi-perm first xx
  10. TweezerHappy
    Louise wrote something in the Glam Lash group about it as I asked. Giv them a phone anyway.
  11. angelina221
    I did my masters training with Nouveau which covers the express lashes. I can't call them 'blink and go' as i didn't buy into the concept. I can call them express lashes though.
    I have to say that i don't like them one little bit!
    From a clients point of view, it is extremely uncomfortable. My eyes were streaming the whole time and i couldn't wait for it to be over. From a technicians point of view it was very awkward. When doing the right eye, the left hand is in the way which makes it awkward to see. Also, the client keeps blinking so it was just a nightmare.
    I do offer express lashes though but i do it with the eyes closed and found this much better :)
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  12. louiseprunty
    Hi, Due to demand Glam lash now offering one to one training in Lash in a flash where you dont need to have done lashes before. Hope this helps x
  13. rock chic
    hi there louise could you pm me the price of the glam lash in a flash course and wether or not you run the course in northern ireland. Do these lashes have to be removed after 2 weeks? thanks for your help? xx:)
  14. shellymac

    when u offer express lashes with their eyes closed how long does this take you? do u apply a lash to every other lash in various lengths? im trained in semi permanent and havent covered any form of express lash as yet and im interested in it

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