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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Emilyx, May 6, 2013.

  1. Emilyx
    I've recently been trying to grow my nails and they've been doing pretty well, not had anything on them for a bit either (which i hate)! all of my nails are quite week but one of them, the one on my index finger is very weak!! like paper! can't even scratch my arm without it bending back lol. what can i do to make my nails stronger and in better condition? what would you all recommend? i feel like making them short again and giving up! sorry for the rant! please help xx
  2. Emilyx
    anyone? i am desperate! x
  3. stirthemud
    Try solar oil twice a day. Maybe look at getting Brisa smoothing gel over them for a bit of support but solar oil is very good. I would stay away from most shop bought nail strengtheners as they tend to make the nails brittle. However I am told that Jessica Techs have prescriptive Treatments dependant on your nails.
  4. Danielle0904
    Gelish have a structure gel used for this purpose, I used it after acrylic damage and its been great :)
  5. yonnamalone
    Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel has worked wonders for some of my clients with weak nails
  6. waffle4
    If its that weak BL sculpting gel would probably work best. There's no buffing of the natural nail so it wouldn't be weakened further and you can either rebalance or soak off. Also, as suggested, make sure you use lashings of solar oil x
  7. LilCheekyMonkey
    One 'high street' brand that I would 150% recommend is Mavala Nail Hardener. I used to bite my nails, I stopped and my nails were some what strong. But they never grew very long without splitting or breaking. I then had acrylic's done. Long story nails have been ruined by me biting them, a mechanical filer and awful in house trained technicians. I tried everything I could afford to get my nails strong again. Then I found Mavala! Ignore the instructions for a quicker result. Put it on your whole nail not just the tips. It soaks in so you can still wear something on top of the nail. Do that everyday, twice a day and in two weeks you will see and feel a difference. I did not use this for longer than a month just in case it did more harm than good.

    For under £10 you can restore your nails...give it a try, I did and I was happy with the result.

    I hope this helps. :)
    Emma x
  8. webdivauk
    I've tried various over the counter products and found that applying nail oil worked better than anything.

    I had a particularly bad manicure done on me during my college training by a fellow student and it's taken me quite a while to stop one of my nails from constantly splitting. All of nails are much stronger and in the best condition they have been in for quite some time. Oils of choice are CND Solar and Leighton Denny Dry oil with lavender.

  9. Emilyx
    thanks for all your help girls :) think i am going to try Brisa and solar oil x

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