Ooooh my stomach hurts!!!!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Emmajt, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Emmajt
    God, i think i'm on a one women mission to eat everthing in my path today.

    So far i've eaten

    A bowl of fruit and fibre
    A sausage/egg and mushroom breakfast cob
    2 packets of cheese and onion crisps)
    A bounty
    A ham salad cob, with onion and salad cream
    A slice of chocolate cake
    and an orange (the healthy bit)

    And i've not even thought about what i might have for my tea yet!!:eek:

    No wonder my jeans are feeling tight - think i'll blame it on my hormones:D

    Does anyone else have days like this??? (or is it just me - please say no)
  2. izzidoll
    OMG! but your not a real greedy guts otherwise you would already be thinking about what you are having for afternoonsies and for tea!
    I feel very good having read this...trying desperately to stick to my weightwatchers points today...I have had
    1 slice wholemeal bread toasted with spread 2pts
    plate homemade carrot & coriander soup 0pts
    2 slices bread with soup 3pts

    I am planning a low fat tea..........................but then vast quantities of wine!!!!
    then it will be back to square 1....but it is Friday night!!
  3. Fingertips ND
    I have every day like this!

    I get to work and eat cereal/yoghurt

    Then I eat about half a paket of custard creams and a coffee!

    Then I have a butty/pie for dinner and a bag of crisps and a biscuit/chocolate!

    I then eat a cake in the afternoon and prob a packet of crisps before I leave to go home!

    I have just eaten a chicken fillet meal from KFC and a large box of popcorn chicken! mmmmmmmmm
  4. *JOANNE*
    i am guilty of eating "crap" days and i blame my hormones
    i am trying my hardest to diet for the last 2 weeks but i cant but out my one bar of chocc a day......i think if i did cut it out then i would binge worst day is on friday its my day off too clean and go to tesco for the weekly shop...............all them goodies then they get eaten in a oner :eek:
  5. Emmajt
    The trouble usually starts when i get home and mooch around wondering what to stuff in my mouth - i've usually eaten the majority of the biscuit tin by the time i start cooking tea..

    Most the time i'm ok at work, but Fridays are a nightmare - everyone's the same in the office, the diets go out the window.

    Plus i know later i'll be haveing at least 4 pints of lager and several glasses of wine, with some form of takeaway thrown in for good measure.

    And i wonder why i never lose any weight eh!!!
  6. Emmajt
    Yeah and if you go shopping hungrey it's a nightmare isn't it - the stuff i come back wit then:eek:
  7. louise
    I'm too trying to be soooo good & not been to bad this week but i am definitely going to pig out this weekend. Don't you sometimes get sick of thinking I've got to diet & lose some weight. Why don't we all love ourselves for who we are! :D
  8. Emmajt
    God, i think i might be getting hungry again, your setting me off!!!

    Trying to think where my nearest KFC is????????
  9. *JOANNE*
    aaarrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh now your getting me mouth watering :Scared:
  10. JackieMc
    Laxatives spring to mind! :lol: Just kidding!!! I have days like this ALL the time, although I'm usually pretty good during the daytime, the evening is my downfall when I could stuff my face with all kinds of rubbish, trouble is I shouldn't cos I have so much weight to lose!

    Today I've had 2 skinny low fat sausages and a tomato - God knows what I'll be reaching for later on! :Scared:

  11. ValencianNails
    have you got worms ????? pmsl (only kidding) :D xxx
    I do sometimes get days like that, seefood diet... see food and eat it eh?
    It must be hormonal, there's no other explanation lol
  12. Emmajt
    God that took me staraight back to being a kid, my Mum used to always say stuff like that - and when y head was itching, out would come the nit stuff - wouldn't mind but i've never had either of them!!!!

    I'm definitely ont he See food diet:D
  13. Katelisa
    I try to have late breakfast if i can, so today i had Egg and bacon sarnie for 'Brunch', and havnt eaten since. but mi mom is doin me some pork kebab things on the skewers, so ill have them with some rice and then that'll be me done for the day! lol.

    Does anyone else find that they just cant eat in the summer?
  14. jac extreme
    [I'm usually pretty good during the daytime, the evening is my downfall when I could stuff my face with all kinds of rubbish,Jackie[/QUOTE]

    I'm the same, good in the day, crap in the evening.
  15. ADiva1
    Can't eat in the summer? I eat anytime of the year, lol!
    Really funny thread about everyone confessing about what they eat!
    I've had 2 baaad weeks. Attacking the kids' snacks, you name it, I've eaten it, even very late at night!
  16. Buggy
    I'm sitting here thinking, "these girls have no will power!" and then realised i have eaten 2 pieces of toast, an apple and a whole pack of biscuits with a cup of tea while i'm surfing! oops LOL (the biscuits alone were 1000 calories!!!!)
  17. jordinaildesign
    I eat SO much, both rubbish and healthy stuff! My Mum was on weight watchers and I was going to make a note of everything that I eat and drink in an average day and see how many points I consume! :eek: That'll be interesting!

    Most people are amazed at how much I put away, especially in the morning (breakfast is the most important meal of the day, have to make sure I get it right! lol) and the morning after a night out, well nothing's safe! My Mum used to dread those mornings when I still lived at home!

    People always say they don't know where I put it, I'm only 5'4" and 8 1/2 stone!

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