OPI Gelcolor new collection?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by MaisyMouse, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. JuicyLucy
    Anyone know yet which of the San Francisco collection will be made in GelColor? Also are there any new GelColors from the classics range on the horizon?
  2. anonaw
    I don't know but I know there will only be 6 from the San Fran I have my hopes for the 6 but I reckon it may be near the end of the month or September maybe? I'm looking forward to them though for some of my older clients

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  3. MaisyMouse
    I was told september
  4. anonaw
    Well I can't wait! Really love this autumn collection it's just what I needed so looking forward to the gels aswell
  5. JuicyLucy
    So this is apparently the list of the GelColor that will be available from the San Francisco Collection:

    A Piers to be Tan
    Dining al Frisco
    Peace, Love, and OPI
    Keeping Suzy at Bay
    I Knead Sour Dough
    Muir Muir on the Wall

    This is the mini bottle collection:

    First Date at the Golden Gate
    Muir Muir on the Wall
    In the Cable Car-Pool Lane
    Peace & Love & OPI


    Peace & Love is a really lush colour.
  6. anonaw
    Bit disappointed about all the blues in the gel collection but glad they have the tan colour, peace and love, and muir muir. I'm still waiting for my San Fran collection to be delivered so may change my mind when I swatch them!
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  7. MaisyMouse
    Happy the lighter blue is going to be in gel, but there are so many darker blues why make another?? I wish they were doing haven't the foggiest and the shimmery pink.

    Also think its stupid to not match the minis with the gelcolor. :irked:
  8. anonaw
    Yeah I know what you mean. I'm still trying to get the euro centrale gelcolors if I'm honest. And the mini collection for that but they're all sold out now :(

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  9. SK-Nailstyling
    Hi all,

    I just saw a few reactions about the Gelcolor.

    I bought the Skyfall Gelcolor collection, but it didn't Go very well in my salon...the customers liked the Germany collection better.
    If someone is still interested in these colors please let me know via PM. They are almost as good as new....

    Also I still have 2 minipacks with nailpolish from the euro collection That are for sale...please send me a PM if you're interested..
    Please note: I'm living in the Netherlands, so most likely there Will be shipping costs.

    And I'm also very curious which Gelcolors are coming out Soon!
  10. iki

    Got mine this morning :)
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