Paraffin wax heaters when mobile?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Gemsy, May 8, 2005.

  1. Gemsy
    I was just wondering for all you mobile techs, if you offer paraffin wax as part of one of your manicures what type of heater do you have?
    I like the idea of the ones you can imurse your whole hand/foot in, but i guess these are pretty big and am i right in saying needing alot of wax and therefore take too long for it to melt?
    Are the little mobile ones good? Ive seen a starer kit and you put the pots of wax directly into the heater.
    Also once youve painted it on the hands/feet how long should you leave it? Must you put something over the hands like a towel or something? and how do you remove it?
    Thanx! gem xxx
  2. wondernail
    Sallys have been advertising a little mobile one...£17.99.

    The client sits for 15-20 mins, they must keep their hands still. Then remove the towel (or mitts if you are using them). Ask client to wiggle fingers and wax will break away from the skin.

    I am on the look out for a bigger one to do hands and feet.
  3. rosebud1
    Paraffin is lovely... I put my clients hands in plastic sandwich bags after immersing in the wax then put them into heated mitts, leave for ten minutes, then take out and it just peels off in one big bit (if youre lucky!) There are lots of different scents of wax... Check out clean & easy's range of paraffin... They must do about 6 versions! I bought a heater from woolworths about a year ago, but it takes about 3 hours for the wax to heat up and melt. But it was only a cheapie!! I think Quantis ones are supposed to be quite good, but i think their start up packs are about £100.
  4. angelxdevil
    I use a parafin wax heater that I purchased on eBay for £20.00 brand new. They are always on there. It was a kit so I didn't have to buy extra.

    One tip though, be careful of health and safety, however much you check your clients hands/feet for anything/everything you are still placing everyones bits in the same wax. It would be like getting into someone elses bath...... sorry to be harsh but this is how some clients think....

    The best option is to buy a plastic bowl, once the wax has heated pour a little into the bowl and paint the clients hand/foot with a facial/paint brush from Ellisons or Sally's. I know it's not the same but then you have no chance of burning the client as these heaters get very hot, the last thing you want is to be sued for blistering client.

    Hope some of this advice helps x
  5. Jen Smith
    I bought one from some beauty shop on the interent, can't remember which now tho, but it will be similar to Sarah's above (I saw them once mine had arrived and used, only mine cost £55 humph!).
    I am not going to take mine around if I do mobile, it will be too risky regarding spillage, as it takes 6 hours to melt, I cannot take it and melt it at the clients. I will just offer wax treatment if they come to my home based salon.
    One thing I will mention, and Sarah touched on the subject in the above link, I tried the wax out on myself first, with my foot... and oh boy was it bl**dy hot! But I am not one for having hot baths in general, so maybe it wouldnt have been so bad for people who like going lobster pink in their baths. Just be careful that feet are a more sensitive than hands before asking your client to pop their toosies in!!!

    As for hygiene, yes it does seem like someone stepping into your bath water... but... my wax looks perfectly skin and bit free... each time a client dips, the wax adears instantly so instantly covering any 'nasties' and when you take the wax off it is discarded so any surpluss skin cells are discarded with it.

    HTH but I am sure others will have a different view to me maybe.
  6. River

    I was also going to offer paraffin wax, but after having thought about it, I don't think it's such a good idea whilst being mobile.

    You have to wait for the paraffin to heat up (time consuming), and once you've got liquid paraffin, you need to put that back in your car and risk having it slopping all over the place.
  7. simmonz
    You can buy a parrafin wax heater that looks exactly like a normal wax heater that has a lid 2 stop it goin every were although these are a bit more expensive. Also to stop contamination i brush on the paraffin wax onto the clients hand and food, let it set then peel off. This is safer because yor clients feet or hands have not been submerged into the same wax over and over again.
  8. Seraphine
    I'm mobile and I do paraffin - I use my small heater and brush it on, wrap the hands or feet in aluminium foil and hot towels (I'm hoping to buy some heated mitts and booties this spring).

    If I know I'm going to be doing a paraffin treatment, I sometimes melt it in advance before getting to the clients, and then plugging the heater in right away. I use the paraffin pellets - they melt faster!

    Also - as soon as you are done, unplug it and let the wax harden a bit (it doesn't take too long) so you can transport it again safely. I keep my heater in a large plastic (solid) carry bin, and wrap it in a towel before I put it in the bin - that way, a spill doesn't end up all over my car!

    Clients love it, and it's a great service, so don't be afraid of it!!

    Good luck
  9. Layla-Louise
    I did a paraffin wax manicure yesterday on my client who suffers with really dry/sore skin and it felt lovely a smooth afterwards.
    I filed the nails,buff them did all dry cuticle work massaged the hand/arm with grapseed oil and used it as a base before applying paraffin wax to the clients skin helps with removal,wrapped it in a plastic bag then left in heated mitts for 10minutes.
    The wax heater we have is Wax master where you place the wax in the heater like ordinary wax, it took about 1 1/2 melt which i thought was quite good.
    With regards to brushing it on from the pot to the clients skin i feel its no different then waxing when using a spatula and is more hygenic than the dipping method.
  10. RAQUEL
    Defo invest in the small heater. I would not advise immerseing anyones hand or feet into the whole bath as you are at rish of cross infection/contamination.. always cut it out into a smaller bowl lined with a bag... good luck!
  11. kffbass
    Check out Welcome to Spa Revolutions They have a system called Perfectsense and it is way cool. Single use paraffin bags are heated in an oval shaped chamber in 5 minutes! Perfect for on the road use. Plus, no cooling, cleanup or double dipping!

    Kinda spendy though.

  12. scattyfox
    I have seen a flask being used to keep wax hot while in transit and then brushed on froma bowl. I thought it was an excellent way as no chance of spillage either.
  13. scattyfox
    I do love a gadget and that is way cool. I don't offer paraffin wax while mobile but with that i would. Shame its in the usa i wouldnt mind tryign one of those.
  14. weezie
    I wish we could get those in the UK :cry: or can we anyone?
  15. Varnish44
    I recently went to Capital Hair & Beauty (Torrevieja) and they had a paraffin wax kit by Hive of Beauty that went on cold and heats up once the hands/feet have been covered - I haven't been able to find it online but I was wondering if anyone has heard of cold paraffin treatments?

    If it works, it's ideal for mobile techs. May be the only way is to buy a small heater and paint the wax on....:irked:!
  16. babifacex
    about the question of just puttin your clients hands and feet into the parrafin wax.... this is a big no no!!

    one. there is a chance your client could touch the heater and burn themselves.
    two. this increases the risk of contraindication

    after using parrafin wax on a client you should eith throw it in the bin or offer it to the client for re-use on themselves.

  17. Beau-T
    Wasn't there a post on here previously about cross contamination, and how it is actually near on impossible... due to the temperature of the parafin being higher than the hand/foot......... therefore the parafin instantly coats the hand/foot, sealing any nasties in.

    There is a link to an example using coloured dye. Parafin is not like water, so i disagree about the whole cross-contamination argument.

    The heating time would however be an issue mobile.

    I'll have a look for the post regarding contamination and feedback x
  18. Seraphine

    Bolding mine.

    1) Touch the heater and burn themselves? If it's a small heater, there would be no room to put a hand in anyway. If it's a large heater (which would not be suitable for mobile IMHO because of the spillage risk and long melting times), it is designed for "dipping" and the heat source should not be exposed.

    Personally, I don't like the ideas of the large heaters/dipping because I'm particularly sensitive to the heat, and many of my clients are as well. By brushing small amounts on, it's easier to control the temperature.

    2) I have no idea how you would offer used paraffin to "re-use on themselves". Also, can you imagine the wastage? Paraffin still costs money - why use so much only to toss it away? Plus, what is the client going to do with all this leftover paraffin?? :rolleyes: None of my clients have a paraffin heater - that's one of the reasons they call me!!

    Why not use a small heater, melt *only* what you need, apply it, and then proceed with the rest of your treatments? No waste, no fuss.

    It doesn't have to be complicated!
  19. nailzoo
    In AUS, we are not allowed to dip in paraffin baths any more (they are considered unhygienic).

    We now tend to use a paraffin spray(heated in hot water), to spray the paraffin on, then proceed as usual.


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