People not seeing facebook posts?

Discussion in 'Business' started by Becca@PolishedToPerfection, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Becca@PolishedToPerfection
    I've only got 35 people that have liked my page but everytime i post something it says how many people saw the post and it's only about 9 or 10 if that!! Why is that? How come everyone that has liked the page doesn't see it? xx
  2. Cdl
    Hey Becca same thing happens to me, I've started to notice that not so many people can see my posts and my mum & sister did say the other day they haven't seen things I've posted recently come up in there timeline... Strange! Wonder if this has happened to anyone else ? Xx
  3. *sarah*
    They have to click to see all post on your page, fb being sneaky wanting you to advertise... 👎 X
  4. Becca@PolishedToPerfection
    Click on what? Lol I'm new to facebook still figuring out how to use it x

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  5. cloverhill
    I put this on my page in the hopes that everyone can see it!!
    Might help??!?
  6. Metamorfosis
    Facebook only shows business page post to a certain percentage of 'likers' if you want it seen by everyone who likes your page you have to pay x

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