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Discussion in 'Hair' started by Gemma-Louise, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Gemma-Louise
    If i am thinking straight you can make a permanent into a quasi?? ... Ambi right in thinking this?? If soo what would the ratio be "/ (using koleston perfect) xxx
  2. Philips Tutor
    What are you using the quasi for? You can mix a Wella Koleston down into a Color Touch but I need to know the reason why you want to do it because that will affect my answer?
  3. Gemma-Louise
    I am doing my mams colour; she had a t-section of 12/1 then she had some mild greys which covered with a quasi last time but they didnt have the 6/7 i used in the wholesalers xx
  4. Gemma-Louise
    By some i mean very few* ... And it was to make her base 6 more of a brunette xx
  5. Philips Tutor
    If i wanted a product for this, quasi would be the best choice. Obviously you cant do that so i would use a Koleston rinse - these are generaly used to freshen up washed out tone and are sometimes called an anti fade colour bath. (30ml tint + 30 ml 6% + 60ml of very warm water.
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  6. Gemma-Louise
    Yeahh i eanted the quasi but didnt have it! Thankyouu so much for your help! Much appreciated xxx
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  7. Philips Tutor
    No problem. Just make sure you use warm water or your product will be lumpy. I prefer applying these out of a Color Touch flask as well as they are rather runny. :)
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  8. Gemma-Louise
    Yeahh ill be sure to use warm water; thanks again! Xx
  9. Gemma-Louise
    Worked great thanks alot! Xxx
  10. magentahair
    I disagree, you cant make koleston into colour touch as the colour molecules in a permanent tint are completely different to those of a semi!
  11. Philips Tutor
    Telephone Wella helpline and they'll tell you what Koleston rinse is. It's not something I made up, it's a tried and tested recipe from Wella.
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  12. magentahair
    I dont care what they say!!!!! u CAN NOT change the size of a molecule by adding warm water!!!!!
  13. Philips Tutor
    You don't care what Wella say about their own product. Very strange. I think you'll find I never said it turned the colour into a quasi, I offered an alternative solution to the stylist not having a quasi product and wanting an alternative solution. From what I gather, the product that Wella recommend worked fine so alls well that ends well. :)
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  14. Bluerinse
    Permanent is permanent, semi is semi and quasi is quasi.....water is water! Not god out of a no please use proper colours for their intended use before you void your insurance!

    And people wonder why the "new hairdressers of today" can't colour or cut!!

    Maybe look at what they are taught at college!
  15. Philips Tutor
    Blue rinse you genuinely are the most horrendous person I've come across on here. For some reason you feel the need to force your opinions on peoria and you truly are a disgrace to our profession. Most of the people on here are young and lacking confidence and experience and you just mock and make them feel small. I won't be on salon geek again as I do not want to associate with "professionals" like you. Disgraceful
  16. Bluerinse

    Thanks for your feedback....but you obviously read my comment as i was saying it to the OP and i was aimed at you! The person that teaches our new students!

    your the only one that thinks this so what does that tell us about you? BYE!!
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  17. snaz

    I have used the anti colour fade bath and it works well, I apply it with a sponge cause it's quiet runny and it's good for porous hair.
  18. rachwalton
    i use a koleston rinse all l
    the time to freshen up tone its fab.:p
  19. magentahair
    ummm no, i dont use wella anyway, their colours are pants!!!
  20. TMH

    Please don't leave SG!! You give some great information and tips! :D
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