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Discussion in 'Nail' started by loo, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. loo
    One of my clients had silver glitter hologram nails for her wedding she came back for her fill and today we decided to do the fill with a lovely pink glitter I have some pics, what do you think I just love the pink it looks more subtle and blends in well with silver though in real life the flash shows it up a bit bolder on pics hope you like them.


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  2. ~shelley~
    they are lovely - what a great idea!!
  3. loo
    Thanks any input or ideas will be helpfull and appreciated I think next time we are going to fill with a lighter pink so it graduates down the nail.
  4. paulette
    I Love Them, They Look Fantastic.
  5. cantrelax
    I love these how did you do them?
  6. Danger Mouse

    loving these are the Gel or L&P?
  7. pippadoodle
    they are gorgeous, well done to you.xx
  8. crystals
    gorgeous as ever loo, well done.x
  9. nemotail
    They are lovely - going to have to give that a go now
    Thanks Loo
  10. Susie H
    wow! I still have so much to learn, just been admiring Fiona's site to. Think my daughters in for a shock when I do her infills tomorrow!
  11. pinkshell_nails
    Hi Loo,

    These look lovely hun. I do a lot of nails like these, with clients incorporating 2 coloured glitters, with the lighter one being place at the edge of the free edge, then the darker colour used to create the smile line and then to fade into the lighter colour. Its a really good effect and very popular at the moment.

    Michelle x
  12. nail2heart
    those set of nails u have done are gorgeous,i just love :Love: anything with glitter it reminds me of diamonds.Keep up the great work and keep those pics coming

    Florentina Alexander
  13. Northern Nails
    Hiya Loo

    do you premix your glitter/powder or do you dip your bead into the glitter before applying to the nail. I take it you use clear powder?
  14. Katmoz33
    they are really nice! wish you lived closer i want some!
    i really got to get practicing with glitter they are sooo nice...:D
  15. Rachel Mary
    They are fantastic, they look really hot. Great idea ,will try those myself
  16. loo
    Thanks everyone glad you like them. Just to answer a few of your questions..

    I used Ons glitter Liquid and powder for these. I also use creative which I love but for this set I use the odysey system as I do like their silver and pink glitter acrylic it is already mixed in a pot which is handy :)

    I have used the glitter acrylic to make a colour fade down the whole nail before which I really like the look of too. My client commented on how sparkley they were and how she is going to love showing them off for christmas I think these would look good with a little snowflake here and there might try and persuade her to have a couple for Christmas.:lol:

    Thanks again for your lovely comments I like to see others peoples work too as it inspires me and I love to post my piccies when I do something I like the look of.

  17. Urban Geek
    Those are really lovely nails Loo - Watch out Leighton!
  18. loo

    awwww hee heee heee Dont think I will be as good as Leighton he is V good!!!
  19. smiler13334
    They look lovely Loo, your smiles are nice and crisp and the glitter goes together lovely. The idea of a lighter pink next time is cool, would like to see that too, in a couple of weeks LOL

    Take care xx
  20. naturalnails
    I have been inspired by this. I did a ladies nails with NG Rhinestone Cowboy a couple of weeks ago and when she comes in for her next rebalance they will be needing resmiled. I suggested using Millenium (silver) and she thought that was a great idea. I will try and get a picture when they are done.

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