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  1. linzwee
    i'm doing my nail course at last and we've been set home work to explain the process of polymerization, does the following sound right.. i've read the manually and bits on the net and this is what i have come up with...

    Process of Polymerization
    Polymerisation is the chemical reaction which fuses polymer (powder) and monomer (liquid). Benzoyle Peroxide is the catalyst which starts this process. By adding sulphur bonds the molecules within the acrylic link together to form multiple chains by cross linking. This process hardens the acrylic in around 40seconds.
  2. louge
    Sounds fine, in simple terms 'polymerisation is the process of a monomer or oligomer forming a polymer i.e. curing.
  3. Envy

    Technically speaking the process of polymerisation is the joining of monomers to form a polymer.

    In nail enhancement chemistry the powder carries the benzoyl peroxide to start the chain reaction of monomers joining onto each other.

    Polymerisation with this many millions of monomers will form multiple chains. The cross links are just other monomers that hook the chains up to each other forming a mesh network.

    In the case of CND liquids (excluding solarnail) have another 'special' monomer that causes extra chains (IPN- interpenetrating polymer networks) that link through and around the cross linked mesh. Effectively holding all the mesh layers together. Much stronger!

    Sulpher (cystine) cross links are naturally occuring in the nail plate. not in the enhancement product ;)
  4. missytinny
    omg......how clever are you I cant wait untill I know more facts about nails, problem there is just so much!!!
  5. geeg
    I think it is also worth adding that although the product hardens (sets) in approx one minute, the full polymerization (cure) can take 24 up to 48 hours. Setting is not the end of the polymerization process.
  6. linzwee
    thanks Gigi, i read that in my manual this morning and added that in xx

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