PPE what do you use?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by bubbabinks, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. bubbabinks
    I was thinking, not something I do often - lol about what PPE I would use once I'm out their with real clients and not just at home with my nail trainer.

    At college I obviously wear a uniform, but that's all we have, no glasses, no gloves etc.

    I have actually taken to wearing my normal glasses because last year a tip pinged off into a ladies eye when being cut and she ended up in A&E.:eek:

    What do you wear/ use to protect yourself?

    Also as a person in the trade rather then someone pushing what they think we need what if anything do you think we need as PPE that we dont already have?
    In other words what would you invent or even have you done it already?

  2. ValencianNails
    Could you explain what PPE is please, it's not something I've come across before.
  3. bubbabinks
    Apologies, PPE is Personal Protective Equipment.
    The UK has quite a few regulations on it in the work place.
  4. carlabarbie
    Since I started doing the Creative foundation course I have been wearing my normal glasses anyway, so I dont have to squint, but also to stop me from rubbing my eyes when I have abrasive grit on my fingers (I am always rubbing my eyes its a terrible habit)

    A long time ago I had an incident when doing my own nails (before I wore glasses) - I sprayed some spray activator on to a finger which I didnt realise I had managed to get a little bit of glue on, it really hurt and I shook my hand with the shock of the pain, and ended up with glue in my lower eyelashes. I was lucky I didnt glue my eye shut. I was going on a date with my OH and ended up looking like I had a rice crispie stuck to my face.:eek:

    I dont use that system anymore and I am alot more careful with glue now too!

    We have been advised on our course to use the protective glasses both on us and clients, and been told we could use gloves or masks too.
  5. ValencianNails
    ahh ok, thanks...

    I try to remember to wear my glasses when I'm 'nailing', I don't always though! I don't use gloves as I'm careful when working and don't see the need to wear them, if I had an allergy or was sensitive to products then I would take whatever measures I could to protect myself, at the moment it isn't an issue for me personally.
  6. bubbabinks
    Do you use these?
    I'm concerned about how much PPE to use before it freaks the client out!:lol:
  7. LayStar
    I wear my normal glasses for every appointment, if I have a lot of nail sets in, back to back all day, I'll wear gloves for filing (I get eczema on my hands and dust irritates it from time to time). I sometimes also wear a mask if I'm filing lots.

    I do explain why I'm looking 'funny' in masks and gloves, otherwise the client would probably freak out!!

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