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Discussion in 'Nail' started by bubbles132, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. bubbles132
    Hi peeps

    Its my first picture so i am a little nerves:lol:

    I used full cover nails. They are not made with acrlics. Thet already are ready to glue on to the nail. I used red and green nailpolish. the green nailpolish are neon so when the black light is on you see them glow.

    Let me know what you think please:hug:

  2. Bagpuss
    hiya ..why are these stick on's called prescription nails...??
  3. 'chelle
    A lovely design, but I am not too happy to see stick on nails being shown on this site. We are professionals and we do not use stick on nails!
  4. bubbles132
    By stick on i dont mean the ones that you can buy. I am also a proffesional as you all are. I make nails with gel. These nails are used in holland for the ones who are allergic to acrylic. This way they still can have nails.
    You preper the natural nail the same way when you use tips. The only thing is that there is no gel or acrylic. You cant buy them in the store but be a proffesional to buy them. You will need a workshop for this.

  5. loubylou
    Sorry but they are still nails that you glue onto the whole of the nail plate, i don't see how these are any good at all for the natural nail,
    clients will still prise these off or glue them back on with no sanitation.
    i can see the place for them with peeps that can not use any of the systems but usually one of the systems can be used with careful elimination.
  6. beautynails
    Prescription nails are a professional product.
    GO30 Personal-fit Prescription Nails Australia and NZ Suppliers
    While they aren't exactly my preference at least they expect education for you to use them.

    Bubbles- I would of preferred to see them without the polish as well.
  7. beautynails
    Just thought I should mention there has been huge debates on these types of nails before. Have a look.
  8. bubbles132
    Thank you beauty nails

    Its not the same way as nails being done in the salon but its used in salons here in holland. Brides who wants to have beautifull nails for the big day or people who wants to have it don ones are having these nails. The nails have to be prepered very well before the are glued on. You will need thicker glue and its specialy made for these kind of nails. There are allot of tips you can use. The have already the appex so they dont have to be build anymore.

    More pictures about how they look like are comming later.

  9. min11
    I agree thats a bit harsh, would you have said that if it had been a set of sculpts or what ever?
  10. lotus blossom

    well done for posting , dont be nervous:hug:
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  11. 'chelle
    Whilst I still dont like the idea of glued on nails, I do like the design, but I also think its nice that others can freely express their opinions.
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  12. lotus blossom

    i agree with you regarding people expressing their opinion,
    what i dont agree with is the way they do it!

    to say they look "chav like" is derogatory

    would have been better to have worded it in a nicer way in my honest opinion

    this is this posters first time at posting a picture, and we all know how nerve wracking that can be!!
  13. bubbles132

    First of all its good to have a oppinion. Only some people can,t handle other ways to help clients who don,t have the luxury by having acrylic nails. Its not that i want to replace the art of making nails we all have learned but i think we also have to think about the ones who are having this problem.

    On the other hand here in the netherlands we never have heard of poppits. Its not my cup of thea but i respect the idea. If its done by first learning how to apply it and learn the product than i dont see why not.

    I love making nails from scratch. Its an art and i love it.

  14. tess walters
    I have to say that I have used these nails for almost 3 years and I love them. They are called prescription nails because the nail tech uses a nail sizer to measure the nails and then writes the tip sizes on a client card that comes in the kit. there are over 128 different sizes. The tech prescribes the size that fits. I put someone in my book every 30 mins. and make way more money! I love to decorate them and then put them on. My nail art on my own nails is way more detailed and perfect because I can put the nail on an orange wood stick with some sticky gum and decorate untill my hearts content! It's way harder to do nail art after you put your nails on.

    This does not mean these are for everyone. There is no nail that fits every clients needs.

    I did have a problem with thier glue, and switched to creative gel bond glue. You have to use a gel glue. The prescription nail glue is to strong for long term use, and botherd some of my clients.
    I love sharing with you all! There are so many ways to do beautiful nails. And if someone has clients that are happy with a praticular nail than ther must be something to it! My modo is don't knock it till ya tried it!!!!!!!!!!!
    I also use cnd, and ezflow. Love it!!!
  15. Snugglepuss
    Love to see the enthusiasim you show - hope you go far :hug:
  16. emily22
    hiya, i just wanted to say (and know ill probably get replies quoting me now and disagreeing with me etc!) BUT..

    You originally posted a picture of nail art that you have done and asked opinions on it. Personally I think its great!:green: And wanted to point that out! It may not be everyones cup of tea but thats what nail art is all about isnt it? Being able to provide an individual design for yor clients, everyone has different tastes so therfore its important to try and have a range of art available.. So.. WELL DONE! You've done a good job!

    Now; maybe its not my place to say BUT as its always pointed out that we are all allowed our opinions then i guess i feel i should express mine..

    And that is that it seems to me that there is often far too much critisism on here and not always enough praise when needed! Bubbles has posted her fisrt pick and clearly stated that she is a little nervous about doing so! So; what better way to increase someones confidence than to start banging on about how 'prescription nails arent proffessional' etc etc!!

    Debating subjects is fine - im not saying people shouldnt express their thoughts on different subjects BUT as its pointed out in this post that there has already been a debate on this subject before and other than that - I dont see anywhere in Bubbles post where she is asking for a debate or slating on what type of nails she has done her art on. She was simply asking what we all thought of her nail art. If you didnt like the art then fine - you can say so!
    BUT, if you all then want to bang on about whether you agree / disagree with 'prescription nails' then why not start a seperate thread on the matter!!

    :mad: Im sorry but i just think its not very friendly when i quite often read posts that start off with asking about one thing and then get taken over by others picking at every word that is written. The original question is often then ignored or completely overlooked.

    Personally I find it very frustrating and disrespectful - but then thats just my opinion..
    .. and as 'being entitled to our opinions' is always the exuse for this sort of behaviour and attitude then thats my excuse for this post!!:green:

    - Sorry Bubbles for putting this on here but i just feel its unfair that you simply asked for opinions on your nail art and ended up with everyone else going on about something else!!
  17. bubbles132
    Thanks for your seport ladys:hug:

    Its now two weeks that i have these nails and not one hase let go. The glue is indeed very thick. Happy to know that you (tess) use other glue. I will look for the one you said you used. And also thank you for explaining how you can use the prescription nails tess. I couldnt explain better. Not with my english anyway:lol:

  18. Bagpuss
    I am NOT knocking you hun...but IMO stick on nails should be for short term use....the odd night out ect....not for weeks on end.
  19. IdoNails24
    I have seen these nails done before. I am new to the business so every bit of information I can get is good to me. I live in Nebraska and I have seen many people who like having these nails done because they are allergic to the other products or they don't want long term nails. From the people I have talked to that do it here they say that the nails are a great thing for weddings and especially prom girls who want their nails to look great but don't want to have to wear them very long or spend the money to have them for only a few days.

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