Process of checking for contra-indications

Discussion in 'Nail' started by pinklady86, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. pinklady86
    What is the process of checking for contra-indications and if one is identified what process should then be followed?
  2. sodabubble
    have you asked your tutor at all ? :)
  3. loubylou
    Depends what treatment you are going to be doing ?
  4. pinklady86
    If we ask our tutor we get a lower mark x
  5. pinklady86
    Manicure and a pedicure x
  6. adelekeegan1
    There is a no point in someone else doing the work for you sweetie, have you looked through your literature? done a search on here? searched on google?

    Not trying to be unhelpful but on this site you are encouraged to find your own answers:)
  7. becki x
    That's terrible,if you are not taught how on earth are you expected to know ?

    Students should be given literature to look through and then go on to do research in their course books and the internet etc. The tutor should go through it once the students have done their research if she has'nt done it prior to setting the work. x

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