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    I'm qualified VTCT level 2 in nail extensions and nail services. I look to see some time in the near future to open nail salon and offer other services such as waxing, eye lash extensions/perming and spray tanning etc which I'm intending to train for, and when complete, will receive certification from the training provider which is not an NVQ but sufficient to get insurance and work.

    Do I need to be NVQ level 2 to be able to run my own salon or can I do so with the afore mentioned certification?

    From what I understand is that the only difference is that an NVQ is Just more nationally recognised and potential employers prefer candidates who are NVQ qualified..or I could be wrong, not sure:confused:.

    Can someone please clarify for me because I'm looking to book a course this week and the training provider is awaiting my reply, and I need to decide whether to go for the NVQ or other certification. Thanks
  2. Urban Geek
    You don't need any qualifications to open a nail or beauty salon so long as you have insurance for the services you offer.

    As far as nails is concerned, my Creative credentials opened many doors for me and gained me many clients. My NVQ in nails did nothing for me in that regard. However, certain boroughs in London require at least one person in a nail salon to be working towards their NVQ in nails. You seem to be qualified in that respect.

    As far as other beauty services are concerned, I have done one day diplomas for waxing and facials and eye treatments but found that my NVQ training was more worthwhile.

    It all depends on the product companies you intend to train with.

    Good luck!:)

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