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Discussion in 'Nail' started by pamper yourself, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. pamper yourself
    Hi Geeks

    I have a question re the prices of refills. I can't understand how they can be so much less than actual enhancements when they involve just as much if not more work?! :eek:

    Please someone explain how you came about your costings. My cost as a mobile tech for enhancements with simple gel nail art is approx. 20 euros so I charge minimum 28 euros and refills cost me approx 18 euros and the average nail tech does these for 19 - 19.50 euros. To do all that work for just 1.50 euros would be a joke! :eek: What am I doing wrong with my costing? :cry:

    Please someone tell me how you calculate your cost and earnings.

  2. pussycatclaws
    i think the reason they have to less is that for people to keep coming back to have their fills done it has to be made affordable for them, otherwise they will go elsewhere....although i totally agree! i do NNO's for a lady and she smashes them to bits (whacking them with a hammer etc!!!) and it takes twice as long to sort her fills out than it would to do a new set!!
  3. Beautification
    ur not using as much products etc.
  4. hannajadem
    I too struggle with this as the cost to me for a rebalance compared to a full set is about £1.50 difference, it takes me nearly as long to do a French rebalance as what it does to do a full set so I don't understand how some people only charge half-two thirds the price. I currently charge two thirds -three quarters but people do comment on how expensive mine are compared to others:cry:
  5. nails2nails
    you could seperate your services, what I mean is infills are quick to do, less product etc...then you have rebalances which take longer and more products. But remember if they leave the infills more than 2-3 weeks there infills turn into a rebalance near enough.

  6. pamper yourself
    Thanks ladies

    I take it that all nail techs struggle with this one. But can someone explain how they break down their costings please?

    Ex mine are like this

    bond + gel + sealer + top coat + simple gel nail art
    antiseptic for hands + antiseptic for tools + nail cleaner + brush cleaner
    pads + gloves + files + other disposibles
    tips + glue + cuticle oil
    diesel (i'm mobile)
    = 18.00 Euros

    I may have over priced a couple of items cuz you can only guess how much liquids (antiseptics etc) you use. But am I going over board? If they have a break when they come in do you charge extra? I've allowed for 3 breaks in my costing.

    Pls help. I'm working on my leaflets and I'm trying to arrange my service menu with prices :( not easy

  7. pamper yourself
    Sorry I forgot to mention that the average person here waits 3-4 weeks to get an infill so basically they are always rebalances. :cry:
  8. katiebbaby
    I dont know where you buy your products from but I buy mine from CND and it costs me approx £3 to £4 per set to perform and I sculpt on a form or use tips. Also I cant see how you can include your petrol in your price per service, surely this does not make business sense as you can claim this back as part of your expenses if you are self employed. It is like having your haircut and being charged for there rent of the salon in your bill???

    I dont do infills as such I only do french rebalances and if client goes 4 weeks then it cost same as a new set near enough. xx
  9. dellaznailz
    If you are talking about infills you can't include tips or adhesive in your calculations! and why would you include nail art? this is extra surely? and do you really need to wear gloves? good files should be disinfectable so another cost to reduce

    I agree about the cost of time for infills being almost the same as a fullset.

    I think you might need to recalculate your costs per treatment as your estimate seems very high :hug:
  10. katiebbaby
    Even when perfoming a re-balance or infill you cannot inc adhesive or tips or forms as part of your price. A straight forward infill should not take as long as full set, also a problem free re-balance should be quicker aswell. xx
  11. pamper yourself
    Thanks for your replies.

    As I mentioned I'm mobile. Here in Malta you have more coming out of your pocket than the government gives back. So reclaiming petrol is a no. Also clients expect alot for nothing so asking more for breaks and rebalances puts them off so it's best to calculate these things beforehand. It's not always going to cost me that much but my gels alone for a full set cost me 9.30 euros. I will probably look into CND after finishing my course and saving some money for the cnd conversion course which costs 100 euros for one day intense.

    I wear gloves to avoid overexposure, I've seen what it can do and I don't plan on letting that happen to me. Besides the files have been wearing down my hands and nails and the gloves helps protect them.

    About nail art, most techs here offer simple nail art as part of a new set or rebalance, so it's kind of go with the flow untill I get a good client list.

    About problem free rebalance I haven't had one yet. :lol: My clients so far are moms who are real moms not show mom's iykwim. Hands constantly in water and cleaning after their kids and knocking the hell out of their nails. All have brittle nails from water and detergent exposure, that's why they decided to do their nails. Anyways hopefully my new client of next week who is a secretary will be an easier client.

    It could be that I'm over calculating but I won't know for a while I guess.
  12. ellewopter
    If you are using correct working practices (file skills etc) you shouldn't be at risk of over exposure and having problems filing your skin and nails.
  13. pamper yourself
    Hi ellewopter

    I'm still quite new to nails and still haven't perfected my working practices. :blush: as you know these skills take a lot of practice and I'm still working on that. I haven't even been in the business 3 months yet and I still have more training ahead of me as I'm working for my VTCT. In the meantime I've started with a few clients to help with these skills. I don't file my skin, my hands chap in the winter and the file wears on the dry skin making my hands more sensitive. As for gel exposure you may be right. It just my instructress recommends us to use them as she herself does.

    Thanks for the comments any further advice is welcome.
  14. ellewopter
    sorry honey just reread that and it sounded quite harsh and it wasn't meant to be!!!! feel bad now!!!! but costing wise it does seem very high hun, looks like you do need to review it x
  15. pamper yourself
    I didn't take it that way. I hope I didn't make it sound like I took it that way. Sorry if I did. Yes I definately have to go over it. The thing is the gel is just so expensive. A pot of 14 ml costs almost 57 euros on its own. I know cnd is much cheaper. Actually there is a cheaper gel but it doesn't suit everyone as it's a bit yellowish. Of my 4 models including myself only one came with clear nails, two yellow and one lime green. So in the end that gel is not an option. I could maybe use it for full coverage nails to keep the cost down.

    Anyways I thank you for your advice and hope that you will keep visiting my threads.
  16. katiebbaby
    What system are you working with hun? Also have you tried L&P, by the sounds of it your clients would suit this better, radical by cnd is great for clients whom are hard on there nails as you say, and L&P in general is more harder wearing than gel. As for other techs doing nail art as part of service, I wouldnt follow suit just because they do, offer this as seperate service, dont just do what they do, do something diffrent. I too wear gloves, as my own enhancment dont last me 5 mins if I dont, also reduces over exposure, I do only wear them when filing though. HTH xxxx
  17. ellewopter
    Bless you hun i know how hard it is when you are starting out and im sure everyone will agree!, that does sound very pricey tbh, what gel are you using? x
  18. pamper yourself
    I'm using Trosani gels, well known in Malta and Germany but not sure of anywhere else. I know there were a couple of ladies not from Malta who have used it in the past. Anyways after learning gels I plan to continue my training and go for l&p courses. Just have to decide between Ezflow and cnd. I will have some ezflow practice when I do my advanced nail art course as it includes 3d acrylic flowers. Just have to decide.

    I'll have to decide about this one. About the gloves I guess I'm extra cautious cause I'm asthmatic and get allergies easy. I also have to wear goggles when filing cuz the dust affects my eyes :rolleyes: I warn my clients before hand so they don't freak when they see me with gloves and goggles. :eek::lol: Thanks for the info it's been very helpful. My clients will just have to bear with me, if they wish, while I get through my training. :lol:

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