Random question .. what colour is your sofa & living room colour scheme?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by blush09, May 26, 2010.

  1. blush09
    the last 2 sofas / suites and colour schemes have had have been beige/brown but i fancy a complete change and plan to buy a new one in the cpl months and want to completely redecorate, im good with colour wheel when im designing makeup, but really struggling with decorating, lol
    have picked a slate grey (with blue undertones) sofa so far, thinking white walls, oak floorboards, oak occasional furniture and some l/ashley cushions/curtains with slate grey, blue, taupe stripes, silver frame mirrors, photo frames etc .. but thinking it may be a little too cold .. are there any interior design experts on here, what would suit a slate grey sofa & oak floorboards, can work around the rest, lol
  2. brittone05
    Mmm - I am not an interior designer but am not wholly bad with decor. I would personally choose earthy tones for with a slate grey sofa. A very slight off white for the main walls with feature walls in a matt sage green. Accessorise with shades of sage, black and white. Pic frames and mirrors to match floors in a medium dark oak.

    If you feel that is too cold, a nice shade of aubergine/plum would work well with slate grey, go for 2 or 3 shades off white for the main walls. Accessorise with no more than 3 shades of plum/aubergine. Pic frames and mirrors to match floor in a medium natural oak.

    ( my living room is a very slight buttercream colour, Homebase "purple" rich matt feature walls, cream curtains, black leather suite, medium oak floor and shelves, black TV on wall and mounted surround sound on floating shelves. I accessoried with cream against the purple and purple against the cream and then upurple and cream soft furnishings on my couch. Will try to get a pic for you x )
  3. blush09

    thank you for replying .. i thought sage green would look nice also, found this on next web site although my sofa will be darker and not that keen on the design of the curtains/cushions just thought it looked quite fresh (end photo)

    Curtains & Accessories | Living Room Decor | Homeware | Next Official Site (Page Twelve)

    also love this fabric but more eau de nil green, do you think this would go mixed in with plan eau de nil cushions


    would love to see pic of your living room x
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  4. Bronzewolf
    do you have to have a slate grey sofa? have you already ordered it?
  5. brittone05
    Love that end photo :) That green would work so well even with a darker couch if you use it as a wall feature colour and then go 3 shades darker for your accessories mixed with clear glass accessories to keep an illusion of light :)

    K2 Starburst Wallpaper Lime/Teal 10443 at Wilkinson Plus

    That paper would work well with the gray if the design is to your liking and would allow you to bring either the green or the teal in ( I would go green for freshness and keeping it not too cool looking )

    K2 Starburst Wallpaper Plum 10440 at Wilkinson Plus

    Same design in plum - would allow you to keep a warmth to the room, again with slight off white walls and bring the green through again or even green and a plum, possibly even a quite vibrant pink/purple accessories. That plum would also allow more opulant accessories - bevelled mirrors with mirrored frames, glass or silver candelabra.

    You can go either light or medium/dark oak colour for the floor and hard furnishings with that too but with the plum, use mirrors to create more space and give the effect of a lighter room :)

    EDIT to add this paper - I think that would work well too http://www.next.co.uk/shopping/homeware/search/120/1?extra=sch&n=homeware

    Will get some pics of my living room tomorrow in the natural light to show you.
  6. spoilt
    hi. get a colour wheel it gives all colours that are in the spectrum of each main colour. few £ , i use for makeup all the time, look on amazon x ps my leather corner suite is red ! cream and sepia wallpaper rose in full bloom cream cream curtains with red rose alternate to wall .. neautral everyting else wth chrome and insert fire .... love it.xx
  7. blush09
    thanks everyone for your advice and links, love the linda barker wallpaper!
    loads of budding interior designers out there, lol
    havent yet ordered the sofa, its between a slate grey one from a local furniture shop and this blue one

    Odeon Furniture Company - Manhattan Range

    we dont want to spend a fortune on it as we only plan to stay in our flat for cpl years and intend to let it out (so wanted a darker sofa)

    my husband prefers the blue, with perhaps white or oat coloured walls and this fabric for the curtains and cushions, oat coloured rug and silver accessories, which do you prefer the slate grey / green or blue /oaty colour?

    LAURA ASHLEY MYLOR STRIPE - MADE TO MEASURE ROMAN BLIND on eBay (end time 17-Jun-10 12:27:48 BST)

    i must admit the rest of the flat is very minimalist with lots of new england style furniture and touches (bedroom is completely white - ouch!) so im kind of thinking the blue/oat would tie in a little better
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  8. brittone05
    If you aren't keen on the white look of the NE style, go for a oat wall, I would have a colour match rug with oat and the slate grey.

    Definitely slate grey for the sofa though it is such an amazing base colour to decorate around :) Pics are a must I reckon too hun xx
  9. johney
    If u have slate Grey sofa greens, reds, oranges colors is suitable. not blues because they are cold colors too. also stay away from purples. they will make the room look very very dark and cold Flooring options are increasing almost every day with newer inventions in the field. Few of these options however can provide the elegant combination of beauty, color tone as well as warm environments in the room. The oak flooring can really provide all these and completely transform the look of your room where you install it.

    Thanks for sharing..

    Sofasinstock.co.uk - We have a huge selection of luxurious sofas, leather sofa to choose from in a selection of gorgeous, on-trend colours.
  10. Sarah-Jean
    I'm just re-decorating my living room. We're buying black sofa's and we have oak furniture. I've gone for really light walls (off white colour) with one feature wall with a flocked black and white wallpaper.

    So I guess mine will be a black and white-ish kind of colour theme with oak furniture! It sounds worse than it'll look! :lol:

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