Random-what do you use to roast in oven!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Glamdoll, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Glamdoll
    Hi, Know it is random, but after an afternoon scrubbing baking tins, ceramic & pyrex! What do you all use to roast potatoes, meat etc in the oven so that it doesn't take to much cleaning? or perhaps you all use some wonder product that cleans everything with no problem, to much time is wasted doing this! I have used brillo pads, cif, that green bottle ( Persil ) spray for baked on things etc, but it is still hard work! And dont get me started on the oven!! another nightmare!!!:evil:
  2. Nicolahayley
    We use grease proof paper over roasting dishes etc... :)
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  3. Nicolahayley
    Oh and that oven cleaner bag thing is meant to be good? Where u get the bag and the solution and u put your oven trays in the bag and leave overnight and it decreases it x
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  4. MissyMuffin
    Sounds like I need that!
    What is it?? My oven is becoming desperate for some tlc
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  5. Noodle
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    I sympathise with you when it comes to washing up roasting pans, it's a horrid job!

    I use disposable foil dishes, which are available in various sizes, from my local discount shop. Use them once, then throw them away. No washing up, great :D

    I don't use them for everything, as that would be way too expensive, but when it comes to roasting joints, chicken or turkey, they're perfect.
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  6. Mobile Manicure
    I line all my trays and tins with strong foil. Tonnes of it. Then when I've finishes all I have to do is rip the foil out and pop it in the recycling bin. No washing up! I would rath pay £1 towards foil than spend half an hour scrubbing baking trays.
  7. Jack Dunn
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  8. Steph86
    Think its called oven pride... Its pretty good! Xx
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  9. Baggybear
    I line my tins with foil. Easy and cheap :biggrin:
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  10. Glamdoll
    Brilliant Idea!! Thank you x
  11. Glamdoll
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  12. Twinners
    I have a heavy based metal pan for roasters. Meat joints I always wrap in foil and slow roast for hours and sainsburys have started doing a whole chicken, basted with garlic and herbs, that comes in a disposable tray. All you do is take the wrap off and you don't need to touch the slimy ****** at all haha! Good for me as I'm veggie and hate making hand contact lol. If it still gets mucky, I'm sorry, but I'm not averse to calling in Oven Clean :) xx

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  13. fuzzyduck
    Use TUMBLE DRYER SHEETS. Pop a couple in the greasy pan pour over boiling water and leave for a few hours . The softener in the sheets softens the baked in food. It's brilliant!!
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  14. LAPirate
    I always put a joint of meat on a rack in a pan or I use my "le crueset" Dutch oven... For roasted veg I use a le crueset heavy ceramic dish, they are so much easier to clean!
  15. Glamdoll
    Great idea, your like me, I am a veggie, but cook meat for the family.
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  16. Delish
    My mum uses this pottery type thing to cook in the oven x

    And my nephew said why are you cooking our food in a plant pot nan!
    Couldn't stop laughing xx
  17. ch-ela
    I have a smallish heavy duty, non stick roasting tin from Morrisons. And a large one from Sainsburys. I chop an onion and place the meat/chicken on this. Then I add white wine or dry vermouth to the roasting dish with a stock cube. This stops the roasting tray from having the juices baked in, and also is the perfect base for the gravy.

    These little magic balls are also perfect for cleaning glass, porcelain or baking trays, they don't scratch but you must use them with soap.

  18. MrsHBeauty
    I use almost the whole range of stone wear from Pamperd Chef - barely any washing and no scrubbing. Definitely worth the money :)

    Jemima :)
  19. mm29
    Oven pride it's amazing don't buy the cheaper version it's rubbish

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