Reasons Why Gel Wont Stay On?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Mani-fique!, Jul 30, 2004.

  1. Mani-fique!
    Can someone give me a list of reasons why gel nails would not stay on. I know there are things like prep, not built up enough at the stress area and such but what other reasons would cause the nails to sheer of when knocked (and I'm not talking particularly hard). My nails seem to sheer off after a couple of days if I knock them slightly.its not the whole nail but just from the stress area and this one particular nail was sculpted. I'm using Brisa and my natural nails are very thin at the moment due to my own fault from practicing on myself with L&P (they were thin to start with)so I wasn't sure if this would be a contributing factor.

    At this point Brisa doesn't feel as strong as L&P but it must be something I'm either doing wrong or something to do with my own nails. I want to overcome this as I really could do with wearing gel rather than L&P on as I find it easier to do on myself

    Can anyone help?

  2. crystal100
    Hi Tamm

    I have Brisa gel overlay on my natural nails (not done by myself I hasten to add,the person that did my nails was my tutor !) and have had no problems with them. When I went back for the infills there wasn't even any lifting (which really suprised me)....I know she was very thorough in prepping the natural nail and also between each cure with scrubfresh....
  3. geeg
    Actually, there is no need at all to remove the sticky layer between cures with Brisa and this is not part of the instructions for using the system.

    When using Brisa, work that first bonder layer over the surface of the natural nail really well. Brush it on and then work it in by going over several times with your brush. This layer should be very thin. This is the layer on which the success of your bond depends so don't just 'tickle' it on like enamel ... work it on to the surface well.

    follow this with your white if using it and then build your apex to set the strength of the enhancement.

    I have a friend staying at the moment who was wearing a set of Brisa done by a Creative Master Technician and several have just peeled off!!! I have had a good look at them and there was NO apex built into the structure at all. They were just thin thin thin with no strength. I have since redone her nails and surprise surprise no problems.

    Now gels are new to some of us, but the same rules apply and there must be an apex in zone 2 for the nails to withstand what they have to withstand.

    I have been wearing Brisa for some time now and I use More Than White instead of the white gel for my tips. Works wonderfully, no curing so it saves me time, looks beautiful and stays whiter than white.
  4. Mani-fique!
    Right... I will try this thank you.... I do tend to just put that first layer of gel on like enamel so this could be one of the reasons I'm having problems.

    Would my own nails be a culprit here as well? Have my very thin nails caused a problem? Should I give my nails a rest until they have some of their thickness back? (although they are thin anyway)
    I didn't realise we could use MTW with Brisa.... could you explain how you use it.... or do you use it at the same time you would normally use the POW of Brisa?

  5. Lellipop
    Hiya Tamm,
    I wear gel nails and have never had any problems with them. But like Geeg said i do built the nail up more in zone 2, Try building more of a apex.
    Also your nails being thin will benefit from having a overlay to strenghthen them.
  6. geeg
    If you look under premium geek tutorials, you will find the instructions for using More Than White Liquid Acrylic with all 3 systems.
  7. crystal100
    To be fair Gigi, my comment was only an observation comment as I don't know anything about the application procedures of Brisa Gel....I didn't
    say that my tutor was using scrubfresh to remove the sticky layer between cures....I said she used it between it may have been for another reason..i.e. to remove excess filing dust maybe...really don't know, but will ask her next time I see. She is a trained CND Ambassador so I'm sure she would not use Brisa without adhering to the correct procedures.

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