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  1. NailsFrmHeaven
    Whats your idea of a relaxing day?
    taking a bath ???
    etc:green: xxxx
  2. Cobra Claws
    a nice hot bubble bath with candels hmmmm
  3. Susie H
    a full day out horse riding and failing that a full day out with like minded bikers, road trip to matlock bath etc.
  4. *JOANNE*
    my idea of relaxing is...if i have a day off whilst boys are at school...retail therapy in the morning after watching jeremy kyle...back home geek, a cuppa and a fag....thats what i do to relax(easily pleased me):lol:
  5. bubbabinks
    A good book, a bar of choccie, peace and quiet and a cup of tea.
    Doesnt happen a lot in my mad house, so the simple things are the best!
  6. Nafia
    I cook a lot make up new reciepes
  7. Snugglepuss
    sitting on the sofa totally on my own doing absolutely nothing:lol: just staring into space alone with my own thoughts :lol: chance would be a fine thing:lol:
  8. holliejayne
    daughter with babysitter, tv on, full pack of ciggies, glass of wine, man bitch to rub my feet. PERFECT x x x
  9. 1999judy
    Joanne - I'm with you on this one! Sounds fab.
  10. Nailsinlondon1
    A pj day...... on the settee watching crap TV and snoozing.....and yes chance would be a fine thing xxx
  11. beautynails

    Depends on the mood
    DVD's peppermint chocolate & popcorn
    a good book & bed
    the beach
    shopping till I can't shop no more.
  12. julie76
    doing absolutely sod all with my feet up! coffee in one hand cig in other :)
    im easily pleased too
  13. mobile nail tec
    retail therapy, pampering, a nice meal with friends and home after the kids are in bed, another glass of wine or two and cigs then bed on my own. how sad is that to go to bed on your own?
  14. Sassy Hassy
    I actually find it really hard to sit still and do nothing, so my way to unwind is to garden all day in the sun. Amazing how life's frustrations can be taken out with a bit of hard digging, and the reward of all those litle plants growing healthily and bursting into flower as a result of your TLC is magic. Then coming in knackered and having a lovely long soak in the bath. Then going out in the garden with a large glass of wine and surveying the day's work. Ah Heaven. I'll so miss my garden when I move.
  15. pinkgenie
    My idea of the perfect relaxing time is too get up early, spot of retail therapy, lunch with girl friends and a large wine (or 2)! Go to the beauty salon and have a few treatments, get home bubble bath with candles and lots of smellies. Then get dolled up in my new clothes bought that day and hit the town!!

    That is my perfect relaxing time!! Does not sound very realxing though!!
  16. whitmore

  17. Pickle
    Gorgeous bubble bath, followed by dressing gown, sofa, bar of chocolate, crisps and dips ect...lots of good TV or a good film, phone off the hook, mobile off.....bliss!:)
  18. Klassy Klaws
    My idea of a perfect relaxing day is to just jump in the car with hubby and mountain bikes and spend the day together up some hill or to:hug: no kids,phone of in-laws!!:eek:

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