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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Annemarie, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. Annemarie
    Does anyone use the reusable nail forms and what do you think of them?
  2. VHunter
    I've tried them and couldn't get on with them.
    They're a great idea... but just didn't do it for me.
    They wouldn't stay put.
  3. Annemarie
    I've only recently started sculpting on forms and sometimes I find that when I am sculpting the white tip it becomes hard to control, sort of slips a bit if you get what I mean. I think this could be the fact that my bead is too wet but it doesn't happen when I'm sculpting on tips. Why do you think that is. Thanks for the advice:)
  4. xtickledpink
    Dislike them quite a bit, I don't feel I have any control with them, maybe using a bit of a dryer ball would help better?

    Sculptures arent as strong as tips either, Tammy Taylor makes them out to be the best things ever though lol.
  5. Annemarie
    Really? Who told you that? I was told and led to believe sculptured were just as strong as tips. Why wouldn't they be:confused:
  6. Wooshka
    Yes, I'm curious to know who said this too??

    Sculpts are just as strong as tips, if not stronger IMO.
    The tip adhesive and tips actually give less contact point for the product to the nail plate, which means less strength as it's the product that is strong, not the adhesive and tip. Adhesive breaks down over time also, which again could weaken the enhancement.

    With sculpting the entire nail plate/free edge is made of product, so full contact with the nail plate.
    If the sculpted nail is built correctly, then a sculpted nail is very strong indeed.

    This is what I have been taught and shown and it makes perfect sense if you understand the science behind how your product works (strength etc) and f you use your product exactly how it is meant to be used.
  7. katiebbaby
    Great advise whooshka. :)
  8. izzidoll

    Your product will slip a bit when placed on a form, as the form repels the don't want it to stick to the form now do you lol ;).
    Whereas a tip is porous and holds the product on as soon as you place it (provided your mix ratio isn't too wet).

    I have found once you place your bead on the form, just pause that little bit longer before you start pressing it out and it will be easier to press it out to where you want it.
  9. mum
    So, for those that know their science and can create a perfect structure also know that a perfectly applied tip covers only 1-2 mm of the nail plate and provides a perfect, even base on which to construct the overlay with plenty of exposed nail plate for maximum bonding. Correctly tailored and blended there will even be a little extra strength on the side wall where the nail leaves the finger and at it's most vulnerable.

    A sculpt, however, by it's nature will have a tiny step where it's fits around the free edge therefore making an overlay of 2 thicknesses and a natural breaking point. This can obviously be compensated for by a bit of extra strength, ie thickness but not at the vulnerable point.

    However, the reason for this long winded explanation (with a scientific slant) is to point out that, for a skilled technician the technique used is mostly down to personal choice with the occasional situation where one technique would be more suitable than the other for an individual clients nails.

    In answer to the OP there have been many many designs of reusable forms; some better than others but everyone always seems to return to the disposable versions. This would suggest that, to date, they aren't as versatile and efficient as a beautifully designed disposable. And the choice of those is vast!
  10. Annemarie
    Thanx for the advice. I think I will be sticking with CND disposible forms because up to now I find them to be the best. Have had a go of sculpting with a few others also but wasn't keen. Don't know how anyone sculpts a decent nail with the horeshoe ones. Tried to fit the reusable forms to a client today and just couldn't control them, they wouldn't stay put. Lol.
  11. shedunlop
    I used the reusable OPI forms for a little while. They were tricky at first to fit but I got the hang of them and found them not too bad. They then started to break, the wire on them just didn't like to be bent back a forth and because you could not buy them as individuals they worked out really expensive to replace. A disaster really.

    There are several great forms out there, ring around and ask for some samples, most companies are happy to oblige!:green:
  12. Annemarie

    Aww thankyou I wil do that.:)

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