Rude client! Should I re-think?

Discussion in 'Business' started by laura1201, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. laura1201
    I rent a beauty room in a hairdresser and a woman had brought her little girl in for a haircut, she hadn't been in the door two minutes when she said to me - "I just thought I'd let you know, not because I'm bitching but just coz you need to know the information, theres a salon in 'town a' one in 'town b' and one person who works from home in the area who charge around £18 for gel nails. Just thought I'd let you know what everyone else charges"

    Slightly offended because for a start I know my competition and what people in my area offer. But now she's made me worry that people are just out to seek a cheap deal when I know that if they come to me I'll do a good treatment at a fair price (I charge £30 for bio sculpture overlays, which is less than what bio recommend). But it's got me thinking should I lower my prices to be more competitive? I've always said I would never do that! The salon is in a very gossipy town and now I'm worried that all the mums are standing at the school gate talking about how my prices are too high! Am i making a mountain out of a mole hill here? Should I stick to my guns as I know I offer the best service? or should I lower myself just to get more clients through the door?

    Sorry for the long message she just made me so mad!
  2. Jodie-danielle
    You charge what you charge because your good at what you do and have clients that respect that which Is why they come back.
    Don't buckle over prices because of that women she probably wanted you to say 'oh well I'll match it for you' people do anything they can to get a cheap deal, I had a women ring to see how much my nails and tan were so I told her and she said well I know a salon that's doing acrylic full set,full body spray tan and fake eyelashes for £25. My thought was well go there then but at £25 for all that, the salon can not be making a profit surely so I don't worry. So long as things are working out for you at the moment and people keep coming back I wouldn't worry about what this women has said x
  3. laura1201
    Thank you I think that's what I needed to hear. At the end of the day I know a lot more about it than she does! Just frustrates me that so many clients are naive enough to think that cheap=good. When really you pay for what you get! I wish I had just said that to her. I'm not going to cave in and lower my prices, that would be madness! Thank you
  4. Jodie-danielle
    There ya go :)
    I understand where your coming from though I used to think people were always talking about me but in the end it just goes above your head they might be talking bout ya but sometimes it's not always bad things there saying :) x x
  5. ChicUnique
    Jodie-danielle put it perfectly, I agree. Your price is your price for a reason. These types of people that are out for a cheap deal will never be a loyal client, soon as someone else cheaper comes along they'd be off. chin up sweetie xxx
  6. MissOwen
    Dont let one woman get you down.

    If someone walked into House of Fraser and said 'Primark only charge £10 for their dresses, just thought i'd let you know' what do you think they would do? They centainly wouldnt panic and think they should lower their prices to the same as Primark.

    If you offer a good service, you charge for it and bugger what everyone else charges.
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  7. laura1201
    Aw thank you so much for the words of encouragement, feel soooo much better already! And yous are right, who cares what one silly woman thinks, my prices are there for a reason, and a good one at that! Phew, thanks guys :)
  8. besthands
    When the ladies notice lifting, lumpy, bumpy, no hand massage, and feeling rushed, limited hours, and cheap product they will be realize YOU are the techs chair they should be sitting in. Steer the course hon. just keep pushing on as you do now and you will be noticed as the professional that you already are! :)
  9. laura1201
    Thank you! You're so right, I just get worried because even though I've not been doing this long I still have my quiet days and wonder if I'm doing something wrong but it does take time, just have to keep telling myself that!
  10. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    Seriously, mums at the school gates gossip about each other and not the local nail techs, lol. I really wouldn't give it another thought. :D
  11. laura1201
    I know I was just over-thinking the whole situation! Feel much better now thanks to you guys :)
  12. Tinxy
    Smile sweetly and say "yes and when Mercedes lower their prices to match Kia's I shall look at lowering my prices to those too..." ;)
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  13. laura1201
    That's a great answer! Really wish I'd thought of that at the time! Lol :)
  14. Tinxy
    Being married to my husband has trained me in the martial art of "vicious snappy replies" ;)
    He's the master... I'm the pupil lol

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