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Discussion in 'Business' started by Saya, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Saya
    I'm currently securing a new unit to set up as a Beauty Salon, in London, E1.

    I have been working towards a budget and allocated £20,000.00 for fit-out of the newly built 1300 sqft shell & core unit.
    The quotes have now come in and not only is that estimate blown, I am truly gobsmacked!
    So I need to get realistic about the fit-out costs.

    I'm inviting as many of you as possible to let me know how much it has costed you to fit your salons out, thats excluding your equipment, etc, just the interior fit-out (including M & E). To make them comparable, can I ask that you state the size of your salon, location, approximate dates of the works and whether this was a re-fit (to an existing unit) or new fit-out (in a brand new shell & core unit).
    All other advice/ hints/ tips regarding fit-out works would be greatly appreciated by me and I'm sure many others embarking on this new adventure, many thanks.x...
  2. jax
    Hi Saya

    I presume you got more than one quote and they are all coming back at around the same mark? Not sure if any other info from other geeks will help you as it is obviously entirely dependent on the quality of the refit and the state of the building - these costs would vary massively from salon to salon I suspect.

    Good luck with it
  3. Nco London Gina
    I spent about £30k about 5 years ago, but that included everything and I mean everything including a toilet being put in downstairs, new floor, new shop front, new ceiling, lighting, customised glass top nail stations (6 of them) .. etc

    If you want the number of my shop fitter, let me know and i'll PM it to you. He has a team that covers London and has fitted loads of hair, nail & beauty salons.

    Gina x
  4. bridleyinterior
    Hi I hope you are progressing well with opening your salon, if you still require some assistance please look at our website as we may be able to be of some assistance. What size is the salon as this will help with quoting and also do you have an idea of what specific you require, i.e. flooring, ceiling, etc.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
  5. Kristina-louise
    Hi I just saw this post! I'm in the same situation, did you find a good shop fitters? That was in your budget ?
  6. Noodle
    Staff Member
    Just to let you know, both of the posters you've quoted have been absent from Salon Geek for quite some time, so it's just as well you've now created a new thread of your own :)

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