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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Little Angel, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. Little Angel

    Has anyone used the salon system lash lift system yet?

    Is it like the LVL lash lift?

    I was looking at it for the salon, as I personally think it will be a popular service.

    What do you guys think?

    I would go for LVL but the training (which I don't need) is very very expensive.
  2. Little Angel
    cheeky *bump*
  3. master30
    Yes it is the same as LVL and if its of any help its more popular for me than eyelash extensions. HTH
  4. littlemissmac

    It is the same as LVL. Everyone I've carried the treatment out on let out a big gasp of delight when I hand them the mirror to see their new lashes ha. The glue is rubbish though so Id invest in a different brand :biggrin:
  5. Belle De Jour
    hi littlemissmac,id be interested in have glue you are using instead as im thinking about investing in a kit and giving it a trial run :D
  6. milliondollars
    Bloody amazing this treatment!! Everyone I have persuaded to try it has absolutely loved it!
    Combine with a tint and result is absolutely fantastic x
  7. beautyathome
    may i please ask what glue everyone uses please? do you recommend this kit instead of the LVL? it would be good to find a cheaper alternative. Thank you
  8. Princess Layla
    Am booked in on the salon system course on march 16th but at the moment am the only one, if they don't get 4 people they will cancel. :(
    It seems to have great results xx
  9. beautyathome
    where is the course? can you send me the link where you booked it please? if its close to me i think ill book in :)
  10. Princess Layla
  11. beautyathome
    oh no that`s a shame :sad: i hope more people book on your course. Thank you that would be great :) x
  12. beautyathome
    thank you for the link :) xx
  13. Princess Layla
    Posted the link above for you x
  14. beautyathome
    thank you yes i have seen it. One really close to me so thank you :) good luck with yours x
  15. Princess Layla
    Great thankx if it's not cancelled - anyone fancy doing lash lifts?!!
    Good luck with yours x
  16. beautyathome
    thank you if you always get stuck travel up here and do the course lol :D x

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