Salons direct offer codes

Discussion in 'Business' started by bexster, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. bexster
    Hi I have a £15 off code if anyone wants it you have to spend over £100 to get it. And it's available till march 2012.

    But what I need Is 10% off code if anyone had one please
  2. Rhi Hayat
    Hi bexster, Im just about to place an order with them for £120 and the discount would really help, I'll have a look for other discounts. I don't suppose anyone knows if Salons Direct have VAT free days coming up?
  3. ooohshiny
    why dont you join thier facebook page they always have offers on there! X
  4. Nataya
    Hi all, VIP13 is working for 10% discount @ the mo. I have a HAPPYJAN2 code for orders over £100 exc vat, can't afford to spend that much at the moment so feel free, ends Jan 31st tho Nx

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