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Discussion in 'Business' started by shockingpink, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. shockingpink
    I am new here so please don't shout at me if I am posting in the wrong place.
    I was wondering if there are any web sites that sell secondhand salon furniture other than ebay? I am looking for a nail station.

    Also looking for salon posters so if anyone knows whee I can buy them online can you just point me in the right direction. :)
  2. The Guild
    We have an Items For Sale section on our website if you'd like to take a look. Just visit Beauty Guild : Classifieds - Beauty Guild.
  3. Doorie
    for the posters, brands/distributors often give them or sell them, just give a call to the ones near you!! (easier if your a client of theirs tho ;))
  4. luv2getnailed
    I say hit your distributors. I found my pedi chair through our distributor that didn't even sell furniture. I happened to ask about one, and the lady replied with, "yes, I know someone who is selling one." Good Luck on your hunt!
  5. Doorie
    or nail schools?

    ours recieve a lot of offers as many students are looking for second hand stuff
  6. shockingpink
    :hug: Thank you for the replies, I will make a few phone calls I think:)
  7. Jonathan c
    Hi Guys
    I did not really want to post here as I would get told offf for plugging.
    As a premium geek has posted our link I feel ok about it now! Any specific questions new or used furniture, I will be glad to help via this thread or by PM
  8. pringle12
    Iv just got a mobile maicure table from the freeadds and it was brand new,never been used only cost me £30.What a bargain a.Have a look hun you may also get a good bargain too..x:hug:
  9. Jonathan c
    Glad to hear you have a bargain. It works so well with used furniture if you can find it locally in free ads, so much better than buying it new!. If not then guys like us at Salonlines can often help!
  10. angone
    I was in Ikea on Saturday and saw a desk which would be ideal as a nail station... wish i had went there first beforing buying mine! It was around £68 and looked great!
  11. xxnaughtyfairyx
    also try ebay?
  12. hadassa
    I'm digging up this old thread because I'm looking for a used or discounted salon station too. I am in New york.

    Do you know of any websites or local places?

    Thanks in advance, Hadassa
  13. Jonathan c
    Hi We quite often get asked about used salon furniture for the USA, I have not seen any used salon furniture suppliers in the USA so far... and we are based in the UK so cannot supply you.
    I think that your best bet will be something that we dont have in the UK: called Craigs list which sells used goods. Hope this helps
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