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Discussion in 'Business' started by Impulse1976, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Impulse1976

    Can anyone help me and offer me any advice on how to get set up with my own business. I have passed a few qualifications, i am also looking into getting some insurance. Do i need to have my business set up with the inland revenue before i buy insurance and actually give clients treatments and take money for them. I am still practicing but would like to get practicing on my treatments but dont want to do them for free either.

    I did NVQ beauty therapy level 2 12 years ago but havent actually practiced beauty and have now decided its what i want to do and i am not working towards ITEC beauty specialist and are loving it. Cant wait to get started.

    I also want to try the eve taylor range as i have read on the skin geek forum that alot of people love using this product. I cant actually buy anything from them because they check that you have insurance and are fully trained etc to be able to use their products. Hopefully they will be at excel and i can get some samples to try.

    I wondered also if there is a book anyone can recomment about starting your own beauty business up too.

    Sorry for the long post but i havent a clue where to start with this and i am so eager to get into this business.

    I am a bit stuck now.

    Thanks guys

  2. Impulse1976
    Any advice please? :idea:
  3. Missy G
    Insurance is your first priority,as for the inland revenue you have three months to inform them your self employed,they do a foc workshop too for the self employed ,so you can find out about running your own biz,tax and insurance etc.
  4. kerry33
    I would get your insurance sorted out first of all.The Guild do a good one as do Professional Beauty.The Inland Revenue give you 3 months grace when you set up a new business so you dont need to get in touch with them straight away if you dont want to.Just make a note of what you are buying for your business and what clients are paying you and then you will have the infomation the I.R will need when you contact them.
    Ive just started using Eve Taylor products as i am a mobile therapist too, and i have been really please with them.They give great results and the clients love them.They do a great starter kit for mobile therapists and no minimum orders too.
    Sorry i dont know of any books to recommend....good luck with everythingxx
  5. time-to-relax
    I started self employment and know a few start up courses you maybe able to take they are very helpful they helped me and my wife
  6. tinkywinky
    I'd advise a trip to your local business link, they give free advice and run workshops if you are starting in business.

    hth's xxx
  7. skymark
    Firstly congrats on your decision to go out self employed.

    Just like the other geeks have said, insurance is the number one priority as you should never work on the public without it. After you have that sorted obviously you have different things to look at such as

    - Tax and financials
    - Getting your ranges for your treatments
    - Marketing and getting yourself known out there
    - Further training

    For the tax, although you do not have to let the inland revenue know in the first three months of your business, do be keeping records from your first appointment onwards. There are a few little courses done usually locally where you can learn about the paperwork needed for being self employed.
    Also, when you register as self employed you will get a big bumph of information from the government with info, and they have help lines for if you have questions about what do I do about this or that.

    Also, do make sure that you don't under budget for the amount of supplies and equipment you'll need. You need to know if you can afford it at the start, rather than half way through when you've bought half your stuff.

    As long as you have all the right certificates i'm sure a lot of brands will be happy to send you information about their products and samples too. Just be sure to ask them if they have a minimum starting order amount as some are a bit sneaky and have a minimum order amount for your first buy that can be expensive. Explain that you are on a starting up budget and wont be buying anything not necessary.

    Then just get creative. There are some good very reasonably priced printing companies that print leaflets and business cards, so you have cards to leave with your customers and leaflets to distribute.

    If you do a search in the search box on the site for 'printing' or 'business cards' you'll probably find the names of some of the companies the other geeks have use and been pleased with.
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