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Discussion in 'Business' started by lauraj, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. lauraj
    I am thinking about decorating my salon in a kind of shbby chic way like boutiques are. I've been trying to explain what I mean to my mum but she's no idea. If anyone has that type of decor do you mind sharing your pictures so I can explain a rough idea of what I want to her. I saw a picture last night after I had done a search or 7 and I can't find it again. I don't want to copy how you have it I just want to show her some ideas.

    Thanks :)
  2. Sharkster
    You can have a look at the photo's in my gallery if you like, I've only got a few on there but it's kind of shabby chic/french antique style.

  3. soriminah
    The shabby chic queen is Rachel Ashwell...have you googled her website?
  4. lauraj
    Ooo I'll have a look thanks
  5. BlushBeauty1
    My salon furniture is shabby chic and I got most of it through amazon x
  6. Karen-Nail Tech
    Unfortunately I don't have any photos to share but I think that would be gorgeous for a salon! Just say to you're mum "Laura Ashley" and "Cath Kidson" style. I suppose it's all light coloured furniture with baby blue and pink tones - a bit like the country look.

    Ooooo - I'd love to see a photo of yours when it's done!


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  7. rachirv
    one of the girls I used to go to college with has her own beauty room, and it is all done in shabby chic furniture! it is absolutly stunning!
    im sure she wont mind you having a look at her website
    Emerald Beauty - Home Page

  8. Rubytues
    I think there's supplier called salon boutique x
  9. clemmy
    I have a shabby chic salon too. I have a laura ashley wall paper with birds on it and flowers, it actually looks oriental. And then I have furniture which has been made to look old in light pink, dusty pink. I have candles all over the place!!. Be careful not to make it look to twee.
  10. louisenewell
  11. louisenewell

    One gorgeous is her room....
  12. WaxGirl
    rachirv - wow wow wow adore it!! stunning room! love the simplicity of it
  13. lauraj
    That's lovely, thats exactly the sort of thing I had in mind.

    Thank you all for your help
  14. pureholistic

    Sharkster I love your room and esp the colour of your walls, is that paint or paper?? Im looking for something similar :biggrin:

    And Emerald Beauty room is gorgeous, and so unusual.
  15. Sharkster
    Thank you.

    It's just paint, a real nice pale sage green. Lot's of clients comment in how relaxing it is. I'll try to put some more photo's on later.

  16. pureholistic
    Yes it looks gorgeous and very relaxing, look forward to seeing more pics :)
    PS I see you are in East Anglia, I'm in norwich :)
  17. lauraj
    Thank you thats been very helpful
  18. pinkfairy
    I am loving this thread, I'm looking to do up my little salon like this but wasn't quite sure where to get my furniture from, thanks Geeks! xo
  19. Sarah-Jean
    I love shabby chic and boutique styles... Mine I think is quite shabby chic - pics are at Rouge Hair and Beauty - Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

    I'm in the process of buying a second salon now, and am feeling slightly scared at the prospect of having to pay for and do up a second salon in the same style, but I want to keep my salons pretty much the same image across the board... So that's the price I pay I guess! LOL
  20. Claire83
    I am in love! Your salon is gorgeous. I've been thinking of going for the pink/black/silver look but having seen the red in your salon I'm in two minds now. Is pink and beauty a cliche?

    Can I ask where you got your furniture from, I'm on the look out for similar things. Especially what I assume is the reception desk (with the telephone on).

    And the window decals are lovely too, any idea where you got them from? I'm looking for something to go on a very large window (if I get the shop I want).

    Good luck with your second salon, if it looks as good as your first, you'll have the clients coming in thick and fast.

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