Sharpie & Shellac?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Unique.Tips, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Jazz-Hands
    Sorry to ask another question but I thought IPA (D.sperse) will remove colour if not top coated? Because if I wipe with it after my top coat but miss a bit of top coat it damages the colour. Could this not happen? Sorry I feel this is a stupid question...
  2. lucie
    Can I ask why you have to buff before adding sharpie????
  3. ibizasun

    so you can seal design with sharpie, and to aplly a top coat again surface need to be ruff as gel don't stick to gloss surface and it would peel x
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  4. KerryG90
    This is fab! But Sharpie are missing a trick here, if they just added a range 'Sharpie nails' I'd buy it just to feel better about drawing on my clients nails :)
    'Oh no dear client this isn't a sharpie, it's sharpie nails, professionals only' :wink2:
  5. Planky1
    I actually used a Sharpie pen to do my Winnie the Pooh nails I posted a couple of weeks ago. I was going to start a thread myself on this very subject but changed my mind.

    I have been looking for a "pen" that I can draw with as a) I can't get the black, black enough with Shellac when trying to do thick lines or fine detail and b) I am rubbish at art using brushes, so really wanted a pen to draw with.

    I tried the nail art pens but the nibs are tubes, so I still couldn't get my lines precise and thin enough and didn't have the control I wanted.

    So I used a Sharpie and thought well it's on a colour pop so I will do it then see if it would be ok to use on clients at a later date.

    I then researched for marker pens that are acrylic paint based but that were exactly like a pen and came across these but they are massively expensive. However they are odourless, xylene free and non toxic, so I still want them! :lol:

    So in the meantime, thanks to this thread, I shall use my husband's Sharpie's (he has the zip pack of them JuicyLucy mentioned for his artwork :D ) until I can afford the On the Run acrylic pens
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  6. Zooks
    As a poster above mentioned if you do not topcoat a colour coat then the colour starts to come off with alcohol?

    Or do you mean to do one top coat, alcohol, design and then another to seal the design in?
  7. gr8nailz
    Although I don't do much nail art anymore, I've used Sharpies for years now. My clients don't care that I'm not using a nail art brush and polish. What they care about is the end result.

    I like the control I have with a Sharpie...the fine tip point makes nail art so easy. And it dries quickly. You can do amazing things. You saw Ibizasun's album.
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  8. Annemarie
    Wow These are beautiful. I'm off to the craft shop too. :biggrin:
  9. Unique.Tips
    WOW! I'm so excited!!! This thread's popularity has gotten me INSPIRED!!! :)
  10. adventuregirl
    Love this!

    Are there any good videos on YouTube demonstrating this? X

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  11. Holliex
    Love this idea! Will definitely be purchasing some sharpies soon!! X
  12. SugarMama
    I'm still unclear on one thing. If I'm using the sharpie on shellac (completely finished), how can I fix a mistake?
  13. ibizasun

    best it is to buff it :) and then do design again then seal with top gel x
  14. Jazz-Hands
    I'm so excited! I have bought 8 sharpies (they were on offer in Asda) and have been drawing on top of my shellac just to see how easy it is (will be changing my shellac tomorrow anyway). Its really easy to get perfect precision, I will post some pics in the next few days. I think sharpies may well be my next favourite nail art thing!
  15. Wellyb
    I bought some today too on offer in Ryman tried on some pops. I'm rubbish with them, don't know why
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  16. Holliex
    Asda!!? Must go there tomorrow!! X
  17. SerenityNailz
    I found it so much easier on real nails than pops - don't know why? My pops looked ok but when I did it on my nails it looked fab!

  18. Wellyb
    Ok I'll have a go on. One tomorrow
  19. Bo
    Look at the OP picture she posted. Good ideas to begin with.
  20. Melissa82
    I bought some acrylic paint markers a year ago intending to do this... and I forgot! Thanks for the reminder, awesome thread!

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