Shellac allergy?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by PURRFECT NAILS, Apr 20, 2011.

    I had two clients in one week with an alergic reaction to SHELLAC? red, itchy, burning fingers..I heard from our salon rep. Shellac is hypoalergentic... Anyone else have an issue? I removed, manicured and gave her a hot oil treatment. We just got a new shipment of colors.. do you think they may have adjusted the formula??? OH MY!!!:rolleyes:
  2. geeg
    Nothing has changed with Shellac.

    I don't see how you can tell what chemical/s your client could be allergic too ? How can you tell whether the reaction came from Shellac or any of the other other products you are using when doing a service?

    Shellac is hypoallergenic meaning it does not contain any of the normal chemicals that are known sensitisers so people are FAR less likely to become sensitive to anything in it ... Hypoallergenic does not mean that no one will ever be sensitive to something in it.

    I actually have never heard of anyone having a reaction when wearing Shellac and think it would be far more likely to be something else you are using on the clients skin which is what has reacted.
  3. purpleivy
    The shellac doesn't go on the skin though, as Geeg said, other products you are using may do.
  4. Pooh8bear
    When you do your final swipe are you using a clean piece for each nail & wiping down the nail? if so maybe it is the cleanse they are allergic too.

    I found that Bio Sculpture sanitiser didn't agree with me so I use a different one & now I'm fine

    If you do it from side to side you are wiping onto the skin
  5. An*Gel
    I'd be very surprised if your clients are allergic to shellac... as it's hypoallergenic it would be unusual for one client to be allergic, so the fact you have two clients in a short space having the same problem would ring alarm bells for me.

    Can I ask what you sanitise your pushy with?... Could it be Barbicide or whatever you may use on the pushy or something like that or do you use a cuticle remover and haven't cleaned it off completely?

    I really don't think it's the Shellac

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