Shellac for nail biters.

Discussion in 'Nail' started by emma@TheLaurel, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. emma@TheLaurel
    I have applied a clear shellac to my 8 yr olds badly bitten nails over the last month and seen amazing results. She was told she was allowed to have it as long as she did NOT pick, peel or bite her nails. She now has a free edge on every nail and for the first time ever I have had to file her nails!!!! I would love to recommend this to friends and provide a " grow your nails package" but wondered if I am allowed to apply shellac to children (with parents permission) and what CNDs thoughts were. Many thanks.
  2. Andrea85

    I'm sorry, I can't help you with the rules regarding children, I just wanted to say that I am really pleased for your daughter. I was a nail biter until I was 18 (you'd never believe me if you saw my nails now!) and wished I could have stopped sooner.
  3. tenorcutie
    you would need to check with your insurance regarding working on children. I love shellac for nail biters! so much so that i hardly ever do acrylics and gels now!
  4. jacquelineanna
    Love this!!

    Jacqui xx
  5. Victoriabar
    i also love this too, i think it is a fab idea BUT i would also add that it isn't guarenteed cause you can bet your bottom dollar that someones little princess biters nails chipped on their own and the free nail bed was too tempting to munch on, of course she didnt nibble at it first to cause a chip tho!!

    i am a horrific nail biter and know for certain that i wouldn't be able to stop the nibbling even with beautiul nails, i even nibble in my sleep lol.
  6. Pinkbunny28
    You could try ringing your insurance? They'd tell you but it would probably be 14 and over I'd imagine.
    Maybe someone from S2 will join in and let us know what they think x
  7. jacquelineanna
    I don't see why it would be a problem, its a power polish which we cure. Easy to take off and no damage.

    I take the point though about the night-time nibbler (victoria), some of us get up for a midnight snack, you don't even bother to wake up for a nibble on your nails lol!

    Jacqui xx
  8. Victoriabar
    LOL Jacqui that made me chuckle, its so frustrating to go to bed with a minimum bit of white and wake up with it not only totally gone but the nail layer stripped across too and just barely attached.. i must go to sleep think oohh white bit, they're growing and then my sleeping subcontious devil takes over.. either that or a hungry snacker is breaking in and eating my nails.. hmmmmmm :D

    it does look bad for a trainee nail tech tho.. we've cuticle practise swap over tomorrow and i pity the woman doing my stumps ;)
  9. jacquelineanna
    Victoria you need a nail growing plan .... what will you do when a nail biter comes to you for a nail growing plan and she sees yours lol.

    It must be tough to stop biting though.

    Solar oil. Rubber gloves. Manicure them so no rough bits. Chew gum - this might make you leave your nails.

    So, have you tried all of the above to no avail?

    We have to get you some nails if you are going to be able to sell nails to others.

    Maybe you could also take weekly fortnightly or monthly photos for us so we can all see what's happening. Might that help you stop biting?

    Jacqui xx
  10. Victoriabar
    Jacqui, i decided when i was 30 that i would grow my nails and did i was busy working with pre-school kids at the time and paint and glue underneath and coating my nails tasted yak and the thought of picking up germs etc from them also helped.. but when my youngest was born and we both almost died i began sleep munching.
    i have since over the last 3yrs tried to stop.

    rubber gloves are out as inside they contain milk protien as a preservative and my youngest is anyphilaxic for dairy, cotton gloves i have tried tho and made me sweaty and nail soft - the prune hands looked gross too haha
    the gum chewing would be of no efect as it really is mainly sleep munching and i dont wanna go to sleep chewing gum, it'd end up in my hair or eyelashes or both - now that would require a pic to laugh

    i used to always wear false nails since i was 14yrs as thats what i did for friends, family etc for fun along with the nail art so no one knew my nails were so bad until i was 30 when i decided no falsies and to grow my own.
    my tutor reckons she'll get me growing my nails, i hope she doesnt have plans to sew my lips together ;)

    i can do a weekly photo thing as i reckon weekly will show enough change.. i just gotta work on the night munching

    but i agree with you, a plan deff needs to be done.
    i will always be able to sypathise with nail bitiers who want nails and how hard it is to fit falsies or tips to stumpy beds.

    but i have to say and i know that OP will surely agree with this too, a nail biter is so very pleased with beautiful nails when they look so new and special, and the reason is cause they look so very different from what they are used to :)
  11. jacquelineanna
    Crikey, a lot going on there then. And sounds like you've been trying so hard already.

    What to do?

    Nightime is the problem .. any other geeks have some help for our lovely Victoria?

    Emma, I have steered your thread off course, I am sorry.

    Jacqui xx
  12. crumpet
    How about wrapping flex tape around every nail at night??............. Surely your tongue woldn't want to go anywhere near that (even in your sleep)??!!

    HTH xx
  13. emma@TheLaurel
    What a laugh you pair are. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments.
  14. purpleivy
    I know it's a bit different, but I was a severe thumb sucker (only my left thumb and only at night, didn't know I was doing it) until 11 years of age. My thumb would go all icky and yellow and red and sore.

    I went to stay with my grandmother, who thought this was ridiculous, so she fashioned a thumb stall from an old kid glove. It worked! After a week's use, I never sucked again.
  15. emma@TheLaurel
    Checked with insurance and it's fine xxx
  16. celebalook
    Hi Geeks
    i to am a nail biter and have done threads on here for help and advice as it is so embarassing when it is your trade or your hands are on display all the time. Wondered if a group would be a good idea for us nail biters to upload weekly photos and advice from other geeks etc. I have let mine grow for the most 7 weeks then bit them all of and then cried because i was so mad. Anyway trying to grow a little free edge for my shellac course next week lol
  17. unas escarlata
    I would buy a gum shield and wear it at night. Set up a blog with photos so we can all support you.

    OP, lovely idea - let's see photos of your program too! Any stuff like this can only help those naughty nibblers out there. I used to be a shocking nibbler but now my nails are AMAZING! It is possible x

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