Shellac, good or bad for nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by BeautyQueen88, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. BeautyQueen88
    I did my shellac training yday and the trainer said that it's good for your nails because it protects them. I'm a little confused by this because the nail bed is dehydrated before application and this cannot be good for the nail?
    If the client used solar oil on them everyday, would they be ok and if they didn't use it, would they be damaged?
  2. x Fee x
    When applied and removed correctly, Shellac will not cause any damage to the natural nail- that is one of the many selling points of the system, and one of the reasons it wad developed.
    We do dehydrate before application, but this is only temporarily using ScrubFresh. As you say, clients using their Solar Oil regularly will not be affected by this. Dehydrating before application is not extremely detrimental though if the client chooses not to use cuticle oil
  3. The Geek
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    The plate (not bed) is only temporarily dehydrated (no different than performing any service where you want something to stick to the nail).

    This effect only lasts about 20-30 minutes as oil and moisture are constantly flowing up from the bed and into the plate.

    Dermatologists say that the single best thing you can do for the health of the plate is to keep it coated at all times ( so long as the coating doesn't require roughing the plate during the process ). The reason for that is because a coating helps to keep moisture in the plate and it will protect it from detergents and solvents we have our hands in all day (both of which strip oil from the plate and cause it to lose moisture). Think if you washed your hair as much as you wash your hands: It would look like:
  4. souz
    i have had shellac on my nails for months now and have to say that my nails are in the best condition they have ever been.

    we temporarily dehydrate the nails for the application only and at the end of treatment we replenish the nails with solar oil.

    i am sure that you got a workbook from your training and were taught the science behind the treatment, this should explain everything in detail xx
  5. Christine Mary
    Shellac has rescued and transformed several ladies who came to me after having NSS nails for years. The damage was horrendous, and after explaining that shellac was primarily for good nail plates, there were still adamant they wanted it.

    After a couple of months, all their nails are transformed, yes, there is a little damage still from electric drill use, but they can see how healthy their nail plate now is, and that has nearly grown out. They admitted they had forgotten what their undamaged nails looked like.

    Shellac is just an amazing product, and I really wouldn't worry about a very temporary dehydration, lets face it, can you really see CND teaching a method that didn't have the health of the nail plate at the forefront?

    Get the word out there, and start enjoying the returns by using shellac, your clients will thank you for it.
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  6. Andrea85
    Many Shellac clients will find that their nails end up in a better condition than they have ever been in IF they are following the correct aftercare. I have had ladies who have never looked after their nails and they now have lovely long, strong, healthy nails because having Shellac has made them get into the habit of using Solar Oil a couple of times a day.
  7. MissLB
    Hahaha! This made me laugh out loud!! Tee hee.

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