Shellac peeling repair

Discussion in 'Nail' started by eventer07, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. eventer07
    Hi everyone,
    What's the best way to repair one peeling shellac nail?
    It's been a while since training and I've not had to repair a peel before!
    I understand or depends how bad it is but is there a way to repair other than removingamd starting again??
  2. gr8nailz
    If someone comes to see me with a peel, I remove it and re-Shellac.
  3. deanosnana
    Staff Member
    I would do the same. To me, Shellac can't be 'repaired'...just remove and re-Shellac. :)
  4. B~Brown
    I use gelish but I agree remove and reapply.......
  5. abicrunch
    Depending on how bad it is, if it is a tiny chip I repair it with base and colour over chip and topcoat over hole nail. This normally does the trick, but if it was peeling I would also soak off and re do. HTH. Ax

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